The omnibus "I can't unsee it" thread

Things once you notice it, you can’t stop NOT noticing it.

I’ll start:

Former Texas Governor Ann Richards and Mom from Futurama are the same person.

In TV shows and movies, there is never any ice in drinks that typically have ice in them.


Did you just get Doxxed?

For what it’s worth, I did vote for you.

This because it is so perfect.

Baseball player Tom Bradley and author Stephen King:

This one is almost like holding a mirror up the two images:

On that note, every time I see the portrait of Paul Revere, it blows my mind.

Who I see...

How is that not Jack Black?

I didn’t need the hidden summary to already, in my head, see that guy dancing around. :rofl:

Looks more like Bob Hope to me.

a very young Bob Hope.

I feel like I’m looking at Bashar Al-Assad every time I watch Jeremy Strong as Kendall Roy in Succession.

These two dudes:

Bashar al-Assad and Sen. Tom Cotton (Arkansas)

WARNING! Skip over this post NOW or forever hold your peace (and your lunch, if you can)!

Seriously! You WON’T be able to unsee this, and you almost certainly WILL regret it! Likely to be offensive to all Dopers!

These two:

(Apparently Discourse doesn’t quite let you spoiler images.)


I did a few of these years ago:

Calvin & Grace as a puppy:

Gen. Michael Hayes and Chicken Little:

Wallace and Randy Johnson:

I posted this in another thread a few weeks ago, but it may belong here too:

Every time I see THIS dude’s picture . . .

. . . I see this alter-ego:

One is a fearsome monster that devours all it encounters. The other is Cthulhu.

John Durham, special prosecutor investigating the Trump/Russia investigation.

An iconic image.

Have you ever noticed …

the shadow of the electric candle

A little less scary than some of the other examples, but one of the “Puerto Rican” girls in the 1961 version of West Side Story was played by Nobuko Miyamoto (billed as Joanne Miya) - an ethnic Japanese born in California.

Are these pictures displaying incorrectly for anyone else? Is this related to the page width formatting issue that was caused by a recent Discourse update? Most of these pics are stretched vertically, in the past pictures always displayed correctly.