The Onion triumphs again - Arnold election special

The Onion’s top story this morning is a classic - completly understated and yet cutting in its exposure of the core issues…

We are indeed “not worthy” :smiley:


Funny stuff, though I think the Daily Show’s work was funnier. Was it Rob Corddry who was talking about why it’s a good idea? “Let’s say you have a leak under your sink. You need new pipes. Now, who put those pipes in in the first place? A plumber. What you want is someone with no plumbing experience whatsoever. Or better yet, say you need open-heart surgery-”

And the best thing about this one is there is no need to even make the article satirical…


I really loved the last sentence of the article.

I don’t know…it kind of read more as a serious editorial than a satire. It didn’t feel Onion-like at all, to me.

I think the main joke was that in all the press articles, everyone was constantly referring to him as an Actor, but only touched upon his weightlifiting career. In this one, it’s all about him the Weightlifter, with only casual references to his movie career.

[After 3 minutes]
“Hey, wait a minute - this article is serious!”

I had to double check that the it was The Onion and not some news site. Very classy though.

What satire?

Considering that the body-builder’s “platform,” (such as it was,) was in part based on empty promises of benefits to the entertainment industry, which should have served to demonstrate his lack of fitness for office by betraying not only a total ignorance of the subtleties of trade agreements such as NAFTA or GATT, but also an astonishing naïveté with regard to elementary economics, I find it ironic that his election has apparently had the effect of making political satirists redundant in California. How long before they’re all on the dole?

Great article, classic Onion.

Personally I preferred last week’s mini headline/photo:

Schwarzeneggar Elected First Horseman of the Apocalypse