The online judgemental peanut gallery

I can’t be the only one that actually kind of likes the insane anger online posters have when bringing down the wrath of judgement can I?

Its so surreal, like having an infinite amount of bitchey mother in laws from all times and cultures! Post something like a video of you playing with your kid, innocent and fun, now get it a lot of diverse attention and watch the comments. :slight_smile:

“OMG you feed your child fast food? You sir are a child abuser!”


“Why is your son wearing a purple shirt? You trying to raise a faggot or a man?”

“You should be teaching your child about the love of Jesus rather than wasting time playing, I will pray for you”

“Breeders are what is ruining the world, ban children!”

I just like it, its so surreal. Like asking for advice and getting responses which range from finding Allah to go kill yourself heh.
My wife says on the internet you get to have church ladies worldwide tut tut at you:p

You misspelled judgmental.

Not if he’s English. :smiley:

For the OP, you can see that phenomenon right here on these boards. Some people seem ready to make the worst possible assumptions about you based on very little, just so they can oh-so-righteously tell you how bad you are.

I guess regarding it as surreal is a good defense, but I can’t pretend I like to read it.

I find I do not like insane, online anger such as you describe. I find I avoid it wherever possible, because life is too short, I got no room in my world for that level of nonsense. YMMV.

Online disinhibition effect AKA Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory.

Looking at the comment section of anything, at all, online is an excellent way to feel better about yourself and vastly, vastly worse about humanity as a whole.

Check out Man Boobz sometime to get a flavor of the “manosphere” of anti-feminist men’s blogs. This is a sublimely angry crowd, both writers and commenters. Their sheer vitriol will burn your eyes, and the circular reasoning will splash it in your face all over again.

They just did a story in our local paper about online commenters. I thought it was pretty interesting. Here’s the story.

I am somehow not surprised by those statistics.

A handful of us Yanks spell it with an “e” also.

And…yeah…people in discussion threads sometimes succumb to the temptation to preach. Sometimes they mean well, and sometimes they’re just irritating self-important drips.

A trope I’ve seen dozens of times here in IMHO is when someone says, “I’m having trouble with my sister in law…” and someone responds, “No, you’re the problem!” There are people who enjoy “blaming the victim.”

So it goes.

If you’ve got a problem with me, you can take it to the fucking Pit motherfucker!

But yeah, the internet is full of assholes. Kinda sad sometimes, but hilarious more often.