"The only meaningful choice is between fear and love."

A Facebook friend just posted this:

Having seen Donnie Darko a few years ago, I grinned and promptly Googled up the appropriate response:

Only, she was totally unironically quoting some actual self-help dude.

I don’t know who should be more embarrassed.

(Also can’t help wondering if the movie claptrap is based on his work - he evidently wrote that phrase in 1984, so it could be!)

According to Freud, what comes between fear and sex?


I googled “Gerald Jampolsky child pornography” and didn’t come up with anything obvious. Do you remember what Jim Cunningham called his therapy? Was it attitudinal something?

Funny, I recently had lunch with a humanitarian leader who has saved millions of lives through his work and leadership over the course of decades. He literally changed the world, and spent most of his career at the highest levels of the US government. Anyway, we shared some beers and were philosophizing. This is a guy whose brain and experience works on a level I can barely comprehend.

We were discussing the origin of the Rwanda genocide (which he was there for, along with just about every atrocitiy in the last three decades), and he concluded that what allows these atrocities to happen is…fear.

We came up with the antidote for fear is intellectual curiousity, and the ulatimate foundation of humanitarian work is empathy.

So, claptrap or not, people much smarter than I see something to this line of thinking.

I have experienced fear and love at the same time. The thing that kept me carrying on was a sense of self.