I have absolutely nothing profound to say.

Care to add anything?


I love Stella Artois. Whenever I drink it I’m reminded of a “A Streetcar Named Desire” and Marlon Brando screaming “STELLA!!!” in the movie.

PS I never did figure out what part of that play/movie was supposed to signify Stanley raping Blanche.

I had a pretty good burrito for dinner.

Perhaps it was in the new DVD, the one with extended “never before seen” footage.

I have nothing profound to say, so I borrowed one:

“As far as I’m concerned, I prefer silent vice to ostentatious virtue.” Albert Einstein

I think he might have been just a skosh deeper than I, anyway.

I have absolutely nothing profound to say is pretty much my life motto. So you all must be here on this earth to say profound things to me.

Coffee gives me intestinal distress.

Also, I hate it when people walk into Bathrooms when I have intestinal distress.
For I then politely hold it in until they leave.

That MIGHT be profound. But it probably isn’t.

Eschew obfuscation.

I wish I didn’t have to drive 2 hours and get a military escort to get any beer better than Sam Adams Lager or Corona for $3 a bottle. But it’s sooo good when I get it.

“We see not what is, but what we are.” by some medieval Rabbi. I would name him but my Google-fu has failed me. Anyway, that’s profound IMO but most people think it’s bullshit so hey, whatever dude.

I **do **have something profound to say, so I am going to say it.

Hang on. No I don’t actually.

But I find hang on to be profound and a useful philosophy. Isn’t best we can hope to do while on this small blue ball is to hang on to somebody or something?

Chicken-style Rice-A-Roni gives me the windy poofs.

Well as a matter of fact I think I would like to add just a touch more chicken broth to the alfredo sauce next time.

I have a nasty cold and a pulled muscle in my neck. Waaahhhhhh! :(:(:(:frowning:

Nor do I

I like the sound of moving air. Not just wind.

I like how that feels.

I still insist that the Taco Bell Baja Gordita sauce is the most heavenly food creation in existence.

I desperately want a clone recipe of it, but haven’t found one that works.