The only SDMB subscription thread you need

All right people, if you want to bitch, whine, complain, moan or otherwise comment upon the fact that the SDMB is going to start charging to post, put it in THIS THREAD, and ONLY this thread.

As I find other threads on this subject, I’ll be locking them down. There’s no sense in having a dozen active threads on the same subject.

For the Straight Dope

I wish to strongly voice the following complaint:

Okay, I don’t really have any complaints, but being the first to post in the official thread was like the first scoop out of a fresh jar of peanut butter. Mmmm-mm!

Last time I felt that good about spending 5 bucks, a lady took me by the hand and led me down a hall with a flickering bulb.

My only complaint is that the ability to turn off your sig by default now requires an intellect greater than mine. I know I did this before. I can’t now and I both forget and will soon tire of remembering to toggle the option off in Miscellaneous Options every time I post.

I’m sure it’s easy. Embarass me.

I subscribed the first day. Where are my cheesecake pics of Ed?

Kinda like a Free Speech Zone right? Bush and company would be proud!

What’s this about “subscriptions”? First I’ve heard of it.

The conversion to subscription is the only reason I’ve signed up for PayPal. I get money for nothing next Wednesday (another long story), and the first thing I’m doing then is subscribing. Long time lurker, now 2nd post, soon to be a charter member.

Welcome, mcott!

(aside)Hmmm…money for nothing…Let me write that down. Good idea for a song.)

I wake up and find in my inbox this notice about Straight Dope subscriptions!

I know 5 bucks isn’t that much. But ever thought it should stay at 5, rather than increase next month? One of the wonderful things about the SDMB community is the constant stream of new members. 15 bucks is a little steep to start out with.

I am not bitching about the idea of subscriptions. I just think a very low subscription rate will still help limit any trolls (who won’t want to waste 5 bucks to piss a few people off). Why is any higher neccessary?

Also, I think you should get rid of the “Charter Member” label. Real charter members are those people who were around back when the board was on AOL. This label will just create an unneeded between members.

An undeeded distinction between members.

NOT getting cheesecake pics of Ed is one of the benefits of being a Charter Member!

What about cheesecake pictures of YOU? :smiley:

May I make a suggestion?

I’m feeling a little guilty about the “Charter Member” thing. Granted, I’ve been around a while, but I’m hardly a founder.

Could we perhaps use Charter for the folks who were here before the Board went to pay and maybe “Founding Member” for the people who were here during the first year of the Board? '99, wasn’t it? The first 12 months, anyway.

I just don’t feel I’ve earned the right to be lumped in with the Dopers who put the whole thing together.

The “Charter” thing was a hideously subtle signal placed long ago by the Cabal. We are Legion, who infiltrated the country by bus.

Now that explains it… :rolleyes:

Wait! Wait! I thought we came in an ice cream van.
Oh, no…my mistake. That was the KLF…

This is my last post ever.

I don’t pay to inform.

See ya.

How about establishing a low lead-in price of five bucks for first-year subscriptions regardless of when folks sign up? Raise the price for renewals, with discounts for early re-upping.

That’s the game played by the magazine subscription business, and it seems to work quite well.


and chicks for free

Sorry, been done already :slight_smile: