The opposite of "ear worms"--What songs make good "ear candy"?

You get a song stuck in your head, only it’s good. It’s great! You can listen to it a million times! You love having it in your head. I hereby dub it “ear candy.”

I recently had a run of Don McLean’s “Vincent” in my brain. I loved it.

I suppose my current ear candy would be Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know.” I don’t seem to get tired of it.

Pretty much anything by Ke$ha for me.

Either of these Queen songs:

Fat Bottomed Girls
Somebody to Love

They’re so spectacular that I don’t mind if they get stuck in my head for days at a time.

I’ve heard that song a hell of a lot, and I still like it too.

My ear candy: “The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring” from The Mikado, and “The Drinking Song” by Moxy Fruvous.

Isn’t the entire point of an “earworm” that it sticks in your head because it’s so enjoyable?

Seems to me that the opposite of an earworm would be a song that’s completely generic and unmemorable. You know, like that one song by whatsisface.

“What does it take to win your love for me?” by Junior Walker and the All-Stars, or “Walk Away, Renee”, by the Left Bank. Beautiful songs that I just will never get tired of.

Several songs from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog have been going through my head for weeks now. Freeze Ray, and the one where “Billy” and Penny sing a duet (the title is something like My Eyes), not together but in parallel, about their differing views of where the world is going.

I think the point is more that it’s designed to stick in your head even though you don’t want it there. (My brother was recently involved in a production of OLIVER, and I would periodically text him “banana phone” just to give him a change of earworms.)

I don’t know if this would count as ear candy, or if it’s too long, but after a spate of listening to it over and over, I hear the St. Matthew Passion every time I go to bed and try to turn my brain off. It keeps going until I fall asleep but I certainly don’t mind.

Wall of Voodoo’s “Call of the West”.

That is not the opposite of an earworm. That is a subgroup of earworms. The opposite of an earworm is a song you can’t think of even if you want to.

The Beatles’ *Lady Madonna. *Especially if I’m singing the bass part.

As soon as I read the OP the main riff from “The Mob Rules” jumped into my head. So awesome.

Yep! Thanks.

Well, I was thinking about stopping into this thread to nominate Breakfast Machine, from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. But now that I’ve had it in my head all day, I’m beginning to reconsider. Of course, I could easily dislodge it with Powerhouse

If you can figure this out, come to Nashville–there are people on Music Row that would like to drive a dump truck filled with money up to your back door…

Well, this evening’s earworm/candy started out as The Everly Brothers’ “Cryin In The Rain”. Then it turned into “Cathy’s Clown.” I managed to draw the line at “Let It Be Me.”

Thanks for the music, Phil. You are missed.

Moondance by Van Morrison.

When that gets stuck in my head, I hope it never gets out.

I’ve got Adam Sandler’s Hannukah song stuck in my head. It’s wonderful. All three versions!!

Most - hell, all - of my favourite songs.