The Order on Netflix

Anyone else watching or watched the Order on Netflix which is a ridiculous, silly, dumb show saved pretty much because they don’t take anything seriously.

Jack’s mom is dead so he’s raised by his grandfather Matt Frewer and he gets into a college and immediately starts walking around talking about the secret society that’s there, then he meets the cutest girl on campus and impresses her with his knowledge of the school and its buildings and history and, as it turns out, she’s a member of the secret society, so she gets Jack recruited into it as a pledge but he fails the test so his memory is supposed to be wiped but it’s not so he keeps poking around. The leader of the society is Jack’s estranged dad, played by “Mac” from The Unit, but he doesn’t know that he has a son. Jack keeps stumbling around campus and kills a golem along the way but there are also werewolves on campus killing people but then a werewolf skin chooses Jack so he becomes a werewolf and also works his way back into the worst kept secret secret society and learns a little magic. The werewolves drink a lot, and that’s pretty funny because they play beer pong or have celebratory mixed drinks for whatever reason but they’re also trying to stop the secret society because the secret society is evil. The leader of the secret society kills Matt Frewer, which is sad because he was pretty cool except when he talked about “fake news” or “crisis actors” but he’s gone and it turns out Mac is trying something nefarious using magic and has to be stopped. Also Jewel Straite plays a dual role, which is pretty cool.

Uh, spoliers.

Well, when I saw that “Mac” from The Unit was in it, I thought about giving it a go, but now that I know there’s Matt Frewer and Double Jewel Staite (at least I hope that was a typo!), I’ll definitely give it a go.

Oops, yes, double Jewel Staite. I don’t know who Jewel Straite is. :wink: