The Oregon DMV just sent me a sheet of paper to tape to my back windhield

… instead of a new registration sticker, and, according to the accompanying letter, the reason was a temporary inventory shortage.

I’m wondering: Is this happening in other states? And if so, is it in some way related to the pandemic?

I sent the title and registration request to Oregon DMV on my new truck the last week of August, haven’t gotten plates or anything. Called Salem, they said wait 10 to 12 weeks before calling I’m trusting that their statement that people won’t be stopped for expired (or in my case non-existent) plates will hold good. I get Clackamas County, Sandy, Gresham, Multnomah county following me fairly frequently…knock on wood, they’ve not paid attention yet.

Oregon here as well. I bought a used car in March: the weekend before the DMV closed. That week I was advised to just wait until the DMV reopened to transfer the title, which would of course only be a couple weeks away.

So I waited… and waited… and like a fool waited some more. By the time I decided to try the mail-in title transfer option, I was advised by a driver’s ed instructor I work with to refrain as their backlog of paperwork was now 2 years and growing.

I sold that car last week and still had the original title. I gave the new owner a bill of sale and, well, I hope he can iron it all out eventually.

What a damn mess.

I’m glad I dont need to renew my registration on my current vehicles soon.

Oh my, I just bought a new used car today so title transfer should be fun. I have to get it done though because the tags expire in February. I just registered my previous car about three weeks ago, a week before it got stolen, and it was a breeze, just went through DEQ like usual, they gave me my stickers and I was on my way. I guess if you don’t have DEQ in your county it could be a bit of a mess!

Not in Texas, at least in my experience. Renewed a couple of our cars, the boat, and the RV. Everything went normally. Took everything in for inspection and waited outside in my mask while the techs did whatever they do. Filled out the info online and received the new tags in the mail just like any other year.

Other than the normal issue of finding someone who can drive a standard, there were no problems.

Did they give you something to tape to your back windshield or anything?

I can see how the police would be able to quickly look up a plate without a current tag, and save themselves the trouble of stopping you, but with no plates at all?

How are they TWO YEARS backlogged in 8 months?

I got new Oregon plates and registration stickers about 11 weeks after mailing in the registration paperwork this summer/fall.

I’m assuming that’s a typo and the paperwork backlog was “2 months” rather than “2 years”. But I guess it’s plausible that there are like 4 people in the state that handle mail title transfers, which normally are like 1% of transfers, and now they have 40% of them and haven’t staffed up.

I purchased my new registration sticker online on the 3rd and it arrived today. Seems like it’s the normal, reflective decal with my plate printed on it. …And it should be for $151 plus ‘convenience’ fees.

My father just renewed his vehicle here in Arizona about a month ago and it took about the same amount of time as usual to get the tags in the mail.

He also ordered one of those extended driver’s licences since his expired over the summer and that was about 10 business days to arrive in the mail.

Absolutely, I have the trip permit I got from the dealer, it expired August 1st. It’s difficult to see unless you’re in broad daylight because of a tinted rear window. Called Oregon DMV to check on the status of my paperwork, the robot says don’t bother to call until 10 to 12 weeks after the paperwork was mailed. Paperwork sent last week of August, still no plates or registration.

I would assume more like 100%, as the only way Oregon DMV is dealing with title transfers is via mail, you can’t even make an appointment to have it done at a branch office.

Here in Louisiana there is a shortage of “brake tags” or car inspection stickers. Several garages have notices up that they can’t do inspections because they can’t get the tags. It has been going on for a couple of months. One would think this is a solvable problem. But sometimes the DOT makes a change to the construction of the stickers, say a new glue, and then find out they spent their annual budget on an unusable product. Fixing it takes literally an act of the state legislature. Oops.