The Original Star Trek Finally Approved for Season DVD Sets

Finally, we can all join tracer in getting to the bottom of canivorousplant’s misremembered musings.

There was an Original Series?

I thought Star Trek always was.

Only if the complete season sets of ST:TOS contain the Canadian cut of “Devil in the Dark.”

Sure feels that way sometimes, doesn’t it?

actually, it is that way for me, since it predates my existance.

oh shit

'splain, please.



you guys ready to read 13 pages of non trek stuff just to get to it?

I’ll try a specific post search tomorrow morning when the Dope isn’t so ham§stered. Promise.

What? What’d I say?


It’s in the OP, Blue Sky.

Phaser cutting phasers
The start of it all.

Serious developement

The reference to phaser cutting phasers is in here somewhere.

Note that there are some 900 posts in one of them.

Anyway, Wearia said something about phaser cuttung phasers. In an attempt to help out a pal, cause Mrs. Plant might talk me into going back to New Hampshire, and I could get lost and wind up in Vermont or Canada, the place being so small, New Hampshire, not Canada, and I would need to call someone for directions, but I digress.
So I mentioned that in the TOS episode The Devil In The Dark, Spock says “The miners have Phaser One, but we have Phaser cutting Phasers”.
Because he’s a mor…trusting soul, Tracer goes out and buys the complete set of DVDs to see this.
Are you following me? Someone goes out and drops a hunk of cash on something I said. Pay attention, there will be a test on Tuesday.
So I point out that was the Canadian version, which was censored by some Canadian TV ministry, it being so cold and all, and they thought that phaser cutting phasers would frighten children, and eventually all copies of the Canadian version were destroyed, and it’s Not My Fault.
And then somebody brings it up again.

What’s the point in having a FAQ if we don’t use it, Clueless?

Bite me, Aes. :wink: The FAQ thread provided no details. You linked to the FAQ thread, I linked to the original. :dubious:

WTF is that all about?
You two play nicely or we will make you stand in the corner.

Waaaaaaaaait a minute!

I thought y’all said that the Canadian version was the only version with the phaser-cutting phasers line left in!

I call foul!

A joke about phaser cutting phasers

Then post your links in the FAQ. Der.