The Osame Video: Did Bin Laden Know HOW Destructive 9/11 Attack Would Be?

I may be inferring to much or making something out of nothing. I may also be making the mistake of assuming Bib Laden was being truthful and forthright on his videotape. Still, one of the things he said made me wonder…

When he ridiculed George W. Bush about reading that goat story to kids, he SEEMED to be insinuating that he expected everyone to be evacuated from the WTC quickly, and that the loss of thopusands of lives was due to Bush’s dithering.

Now, obviously, I don’t buy that… but if Bin Laden really intended to kille thousands of people, why would he add a line like that? It makes me wonder, do you think Bin Laden knew both towers would collapse so quickly and kill everyone inside? Or would he have been pleased and satisfied with a purely symbolic gesture that inflicted massive damage on a major U.S. landmark that killed only a relatively small number of people?

A lot of Americans didn’t grasp the damage that burning jet fuel would cause enough heat to melt/weaken the metal inner structure of the WTC- would Bin Laden have known this?

Do you think his plan really was to knock down both towers, or just to make a bold, “in your face” gesture that damaged the towers without levelling them?

The attack was well-planned, in its execution.
As for anybody’s ability to predict its results–I doubt he could have fully grasped it’s results. No database to extrapolate from, you see.

He’d doubtless studied the failed attempt in '93 and the blueprints and specs are easily obtainable. He chose a time when people were starting work (that, and he needed long-distance planes full of fuel, which usually start in the morning) and a non-holiday weekday when they’d be there.

Bastard knew what he was doing.

Now, I don’t think he knew how complicated an evacuation would be (to be fair to the buildings, they held up better than almost any others would have and nearly everybody below the impacts got out) or that the building is not just stuffed with evil rich infidels but secretaries, security guards, Muslim waiters from Bangladesh at Windows on the World, etc. (not that the stockbrokers deserved such a horrible death either). But I don’t see how that matters, really.

Bin Laden is a lying opportunist. If he would have given his video message right after 9/11, I might have believed him.
He’s had all time in the world to think of something lucid [well…kinda] to say.

Imho it’s best to ignore the fuck.

Mehabitel, I think the little details like that were planned by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, not bin Laden (I could be wrong). If I remember the ‘unofficial’ bin Laden video - the one that featured him watching coverage of the attacks with some Taliban official, it wasn’t an Al Qaeda message tape - I think he said that there had been different estimates of how much damage the attack would cause. He had experience in construction due to the family business, and his were the most optimistic: he thought the towers would collapse above the point where the planes hit them. That’s my recollection of it all, anyway. If I’m right, then the damage to the towers (and the surrounding buildings that were damaged and destroyed) exceeded his expectations.

You’re right, forgot about how bin Laden got his money. Now, a building like the Empire State might have snapped like that since it’s much thinner.

I agree with gum–the only reason we should study the video is to see if we can find enough clues to catch him.