The OTHER Battlestar Galactica ending thread

We all know it’s just a silly myth that there was a short-lived inferior sequel to the original Battlestar Galactica television series. What if in 1980 some eccentric millionaire who was a fan of the show had bankrolled one last 3-hour maxie movie with the original cast, wrapping up the series? How would you have ended it?

Only don’t say “they found an Earth destroyed by nuclear war”. Cheap shot.

NCC 1701, no A, B, C or bloody D would show up and Captain Kirk would kick Cylon ass. Might have to rip his shirt to do it. :slight_smile:

You know that list…no, not a bulleted accounting of things…a tilt, an off kilter stance…

That’s what the ragtag fugitive fleet is doing…just after they ran out of gas.

Are you claiming that the alleged “BSG 1980” series actually existed or not?

If not, then the colonists reach Earth, try to explain the sitch and get the Earthians to build a defense fleet against the marauding space robots, and gets disbelieved because, after all, they speak perfect American slang English except for a few weird words. Hopelessly thought to be a crazy cult, they give up in despair and eke out a miserable existence in menial labor due to their lack of 20th century skills, while starting to actually hope the space robots find them and take them back to a universe they at least understand, and where they’ll be no more menial anyway.

If that series did exist, then they build more flying motorcycles and their superpower-enhanced kids help them kick ass all around, take control, and get that space armada built. Cut to the last 20 minutes of “Independence Day” for the rest.