The other family members "of Soul"

Ray Charles was the “Father of Soul.”

Aretha Franklin was the “Queen of Soul.”

James Brown was the “Godfather of Soul.”

Who are the other members of the “Soul” family?

Isaac Hayes was the “Black Moses of Soul”

George Clinton is the “Weird Second Uncle of Soul”

Bob Marley was the “Hard-Tokin’ First Cousin Twice-Removed of Soul.”

The Beatles were the “Rubber Soul.”

I’m goin’, I’m goin’!

Hall & Oates were “blue-eyed soul”.

Ruby Wilson was “The Queen of Beale Street”.

Gladys Knight is the Empress of Soul.

William Robinson is the “Smoke” of Soul.

Marvin Gaye was the Prince of Soul.

The Ramones (among others) only had a Little Bit O’ Soul

One could argue the Righteous Brothers were blue-eyed soul before Hall and Oates.

James Brown may have been “The Godfather of Soul”, but he was also “Soul Brother Number One”. Having to fulfill both roles doubtless led to his other sobriquet “The hardest working man in show business”.

Sam Cooke was “the inventor of soul” according to one rock critic.

And correctly so. Had a brain fart on that one.

Both Sam and Dave (and Jake & Elwood) were a “soul man.”

When I was small I heard of Sammy Davis Jr being soul brother #5. But I haven’t ever found a list or a record of this. I imagined Otis Redding as #2.

Dr. Scholls is a “sole man”

Don Cornelius was the host of “Soul Train” - does that count?

Isn’t there a band called “the Soul Sisters”?

Adele - British Queen of Soul
Ashanti - Princess of Hip Hop and Soul
Erykah Badu - Queen of Neo-Soul
Mary J. Blige - Empress of Soul
James Brown - Godfather of Soul
Solomon Burke - King of Rock ‘n’ Soul
Ray Charles - High Priest of Soul
Marvin Gaye - Prince of Soul
Whitney Houston - Prom Queen of Soul
R. Kelly - King of Pop-Soul
Gladys Knight - Empress of Soul
Patti LaBelle - Godmother of Soul
Otis Redding - King of Soul


I’ve heard some people refer to R. Kelly as the Pied Piper of Soul.

Wayne Cochran was called the “White Knight of Soul.” He had a pretty substantial following in the South, and he’s also notable for his band, the CC Riders, which was where Jaco Pastorius got his start, first as the bassist and then as a musical director and arranger for the whole band, before breaking into the jazz scene.