The Parts of a desk, not parts for a desk!

I’m writing a novel for nanowrimo.

One of the characters is having a wonderful time discovering all the secret compartments in a mid 18th century rosewood desk. I’m working around the details at the moment, but it’s making my brain itch with the need to know.

Can anyone please recommend a good website or book I can get from the library that will name the various parts of the desk. In fair detail too.

Like what’s the alcove-y bit called that’s under the cubbyholes? What’s the official name for the cubbyholes. What are the divider bits between the drawers called?

That kind of stuff.
Thanks in advance.

Sorry Mods, please remove the double-up.

The cubbyholes are called pigeonholes, if I’m not mistaken. The Wikipedia page doesn’t have the info you’re looking for, but it does include a bibliography that may be helpful. WARNING: this could involve going to a library.

Thanks, I tried Wiki first up and I’ve been googling like a googly thing, and all I get is retail hardware,

Parts *for *a desk. :smack:

Going through the Woodworking sites, I get long trails of links to free plans, that aren’t free or aren’t useful.

Hi Ho, off to the library I go… Know any good book titles?

Look up antiques.


Like this

Thanks, still doesn’t have the detail I need. There’s a lot of ‘antique’ retailers, isn’t there?
Like an exploded diagram? Is that the right term, all the bits that make up a desk labeled with the technical names.

Not a column, but a pilaster.etc.
It’s so the furniture restoring character doesn’t sound inept. Doesn’t call a pigeon hole a cubbyhole (see, I *was *paying attention!)

Thanks for the suggestions so far, please keep them coming.

I would suggest looking at books dedicated to cabinet making. There is a bit of an intro in Wikipedia but it doesn’t go anywhere deep enough for your purposes.