The Party Clothes Picture Thread

'Tis the season of office/neighborhood/family Christmas parties, and for some of us, it’s an excuse to get all prettied up.

As I have had a very interesting year, I decided I needed a new dress to celebrate both me losing 35+ pounds with Sparkpeople.comand for beating breast cancer.

I’m the one in the chemo turban…and I had so much fun at the party!

Check YOU out, Slim! Wowee!

I bought a couple of party dresses for no apparent reason…I don’t ever get to go to parties. But they were pretty and I liked them and they were cheap on…so if anyone is having a soiree, please invite me!

Damn, ivylass, you are Teh Sexay! I have no holiday parties to attend. But I got myself this holiday t-shirtto wear! And I got this onefor the husband.

Gorgeous woman! Wow!


Ivylass is HOT! And I really like the chemo turban look. No reason you can’t continue to wear turbans.

Congrats on kicking cancer’s ass and on the new look.

I love that one…too funny!

After extensive research, calibrating that photo with instruments finely tuned by NASA, and conducting an international survey of noted experts, I’ve come to a very scientific conclusion, and that is… yeah!

Oh so cute ivylass! Y’all look so sparkly.

I got a new shiny blouse to wear to hubby’s office Christmas party. It is a size smaller than last year’s, woo! I took a couple of photos - maybe not so good ones, but here goes:

In the spirit

Mooning for the camera

As luck would have it, my hair did NOT do as well on the night of the party. sigh

The “mooning for the camera” pic is so not what I was expecting.

Hahaha! I guess I worded that wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a picture from the Christmas party last year. Serious Party Hair

Here’s me at the office Christmas Party last friday - feeling merry

Worm, that picture is great…“the Red” indeed! I’m not going to any parties anytime soon, but I went to a celebration this past summer. Here’s my date and me, ready to head to the gathering.

Love the braids!!

We want to see Santa driving the Plymouth. :stuck_out_tongue:

Love the curls!

This is me, suited up for our local charity ball. I hadn’t worn the suit for a year, and the trou don’t fit so well now (due to weight loss). I was just there to take photos as my wife was in NZ - I co-opted my BIL to get that photo.


The word from the Workshop is that Santa isn’t gonna be driving it any time soon. The Elves helpfully pointed out that it has no engine and no driver’s seat, and the reindeer have too much pride to be seen anywhere near anything with wheels. That’s gonna take some serious milk and cookies to fix.

Back home we’d fix all that with a serious chain, a milk crate and Bubba’s 1946 Power Wagon. Just sayin’.