The PC Game "The Movies" Two Questions

I just bought this game and it’s pretty cool.

I have two questions though.

First should be easy as it’s just technical. If I have movies I make they are stored in a file called .trl.

Now you can use the game to convert the .trl file to a windows movie file which you can play back. Is there anyway or any program that will batch convert these .trl files. It’s just the games takes quite awhile to convert them all.

Second question is, “how do you get a five star, star.” Even when I used the Sandbox and I tried mods I found, I couldn’t get one. I seem to get stuck with the trailer.

I"m thinking it may be that the top star has to have the only palacial trailer and I also noticed that when you make two stars friends or more, sometimes the trailer ratings will go up. Is this part of it, or the key.

Because I can get the lines filled on all the categories but that one.


I can’t answer your questions, but I needed to tell you that you’re really creeping me out.

I’ve had that game - and the Stunts expansion (you should get that too) - since they came out. Last night, in a fit of boredom, I fired it up for the first time in probably over a year. And now … this thread shows up.

Seriously; where do you guys have the cameras hidden in my apartment?

I also have had this game since it came out. Alas, I wasted my money, and haven’t played it since the first week.

Not sure if I understand your question, but I used to put cars all over the lawns of trailers to raise the ratings.

I can’t even get to four stars. The trailer are tied to other stars, I believe. They get jealous if one gets a bigger trailer and also the start up menu that gives hints, tells you that you giving similar things to stars of unequal rank put the top ones in a bad mood.

The trailer rankings appear in several places. Yes, you can just dump cars but that only goes for the studio rankings improvement not the stars.

If you right click on a star it will show you the trailer and other rankings.

If you click the upper right corner, it gives you the studio ranking for lots (which trailers are part of) and if you look at all the stars it gives you diamond rankings and which area to improve to get your individual star rankings up.

Again, I can never even make it to four stars, so you’re lucky. But I do believe it has to do with the relationship the star has to the others and he should be the only one with the best trailer and no one close. I am probably wrong, but it’s worth a shot.

This game is pretty cool. I would also like to know if you can convert the files any other way, as it does seem to take awhile if you go through the game.

Generally speaking, game recordings are not media, they’re stored data that only has any meaning in the context of the game itself. It’s not a picture, it’s a list of instructions to the game that if you put this object in this place at this time you’ll generate the picture desired. It’s impossible to turn that data into media in a trivial manner.

If you’re lucky, a fan might have made an app to do that rendering process in a faster/better/easier method than the game itself.