the percentage who retired to Florida

English language help required…

In the United States, of the people who moved from one state to another when they retired, the percentage who retired to Florida has decreased by three percentage points over the past ten years.
I am not clear . is it saying, in US people leaves state when they retire ? sure ? they leave the state! and most people choose to come down to Florida ?

Can anybody explain ?

By no means all, but a significant number move to a different state.

Again, not most, but a significant number. However, that number (as a percentage of the total) has declined recently.

This is an slightly awkward way of stating things. It probably means a decline from, say, 18% to 15%. But it could be taken as a decline from 18% to 17.46% (since 17.46 is 3% less than 18).

Of the people who move to another state when they retire, many retire to Florida. There are many jokes* that revolve around this.

Florida is generally warmer than much of the United States (Arizona is another common place to move upon retirement) and has been relatively cheap. It became more expensive during the housing boom, as there was more than the normal amount of speculation here**.

It’s often seen as an affordable way to move to “paradise” upon retirement. Paradise here is used as a term to describe a place with white, sandy beach, soft ocean waves, sunshine and palm trees, in contrast to snow, rust, and decay.


  1. Florida = God’s Waiting Room
  2. The oldest people in the world live in St. Petersburg, Florida. They’re parents live in Clearwater.

**Florida also has a not wholly undeserved reputation for attracting both the gullible and the unscrupulous person who prey upon them. At least some of the housing boom was fueled by both of theses classes.

Thanks …glad to know the information . that was very much informative.

Xema writes:

> It probably means a decline from, say, 18% to 15%. But it could be taken as a
> decline from 18% to 17.46% (since 17.46 is 3% less than 18).

No, in your example, it would definitely only mean a decrease from 18% to 15%. That’s a decrease of three percentage points. If it had said a decrease of three percent, it would be from 18% to 17.46%.

I agree it should be clear - though I have seen this form used wrongly. Clearer by far would be to give the actual percentages.

When you get old ,snow is a bigger and bigger job.
But northerners can not sell their houses to move very easily, nowadays.

As you age, you’re more and more likely to be troubled by health problems that are aggravated by cold. My father had arthritis in his back for years. He wanted so badly to move from Maryland (suburbs of Baltimore) to Florida, but my mother wouldn’t move that far from her grandchildren. . .

Less than a year after my mother died, my father moved to Florida. Daytona Beach, actually.

He was much more comfortable there, and we had a free place to crash when we wanted to go to Florida! Win/win!