The perfect dog is looking for a home - New England

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I work for a dog trainer. One of the services we offer is board and train. Almost immediately after we started this in late June, we were contacted by New England Basset Hound Rescue about a 2.5 year old Basset/Beagle mix named Ivan. They wanted us to take him on and turn him around so he could be adopted.

His first owner had an employment change which required leaving the country so he surrendered Ivan back to NEBHR. Ivan’s foster family had issues with him which they said was “Ivan issues” (seriously I started calling him Ivan the Terrible after all the phone calls about his “issues”).
He has been with our board and train trainer since the beginning of July and her assessment is: He didn’t need turning around - just the right environment.

Shey says:
“He is an incredible little guy. He will be 3 in December. He’s neutered, up to date on heart guard and flee and tick. He’s had all his shots. He is good with children and people. He is gentle, he loves to run around and play. He’s a normal adolescent dog. He is completely house trained!”

In the 6 weeks he has been with her, he has learned basic obedience, recall, zen (think first, wait for information, respond appropriately), some agility, and many other things. There have been 3 other dogs there in his time, all girls. He did very well with all of them. The trainer he lives with also owns a private school which is on the property and he plays with the kids and seems to really enjoy being with them. He loves to play in the kiddie pool and also loves to sit up high (he sits on a cat perch). He loves the smell of stargazer lilies and has his own vase of them next to his cat perch.

He is an escape artist and loves to chase bunnies so a fenced yard is preferable.

He has not been tested with any male dogs yet.

And of course, pictures:

Ivan the Great!
If you would like to talk to his trainer/foster mother or meet with him, please PM me and I’ll connect you. You can also contact New England Basset Hound Rescue directly. If you’re in the area, Ivan, his trainer, and NEBHR will be at Woofstock (Westville Lake Rec Area in Sturbridge, MA) on September 6, along with lots of other adoptable dogs!

He’s good with children AND people? That’s a plus, I guess…

I KNOW! Isn’t it amazing?! :wink:

He’s adorable… Sounds like a lucky someone is in for a great pet. Good luck!

That is really good for a hound and given his pack-cooperative breed he’s probably great with other dogs of either sex.

After almost 30 years of working with dogs, and being a foster home, I can say with confidence that most owners of canines they are giving up on are as dumb as boxes of hair when it comes to their dogs.

I think my sister might be interested in adopting a basset, I can tell her about this thread, is there a page on the rescue website for Ivan?

Man, I’d take him in a second! Can’t afford a second dog tho…

Here you go MacTech.

And check your private messages.

Sweet Ivan still needs a home! Poor little guy. :frowning: