The perfect Star Trek

First off, let’s get one reply out of the way: “The perfect Trek is NO Trek!” Yeah, we’ve all heard your crap, if you’re not a fan (or at least someone who has seen and enjoyed a few shows here and there) then try and avoid posting here, K?

That said, let’s get down to business.

Most of us Trek Dopers have definite preferences out of the TV shows and movies. Also, we have fave characters, ships, alien species, weapons, plots, lines, heavy scenes, funny scenes, hammish acting, good acting, silly ideas, good writing, good effects, lame plot contrivances, yada yada yada…

Take all your favorites from ANY movie, ep, story arc, series… and make the series or movie of your dreams.

A few rules:

!) Don’t take anyone out of character. You can expand their role, but be true to the real McCoy.

  1. Keep the species alliances the way thet have evolved through the various Treks.

  2. Use only ships, worlds, and weapons that can be referenced. No matter how obscure a reference, make sure we can find it in some ep.

  3. Things added in books are not allowed. Sorry.

  4. We’ve done this before, haven’t we?

  5. Yeah, so what? I’m bored. Humor me

  6. Musicals are fun.

  7. Now I’m just rambling.

  8. Have fun!

  9. When in trouble or in doubt, run in circles scream and shout.

Hell, I’d settle for an episode where the crew (any crew, doesn’t matter) visits a non-Federation planet where the citizens are getting the short end of the stick and the crew follows the Prime Directive (regrettably), beams up, and goes home.

I’d like to have seen a TNG story arc dealing with the race of mind-controlling parasites that temporarily took over Star Fleet High Command.

Ok, How ‘bout we take the demented killer Betazoid from V-ger, pair him with the blood lust creature (no, not the vampire cloud) from TOS’ Wolf in the Fold, and set them down on the paradise planet ruled by Va’al. (I just now noticed how close that is to Ba’al. wow.)

Data’s Sherlock Holmes personality is called on to investigate the crimes.

It’s a two parter and in the cliff hanger, possesed Betazed man takes over control of Va’al and does away with Dat/Holmes.

Luckily, Data had left a positron trace on the transporter and was recreated just in time to stop PB from murdering Wesley. (Damn!)

Everyone rejoices and feasts on quadrotrictakali wheat bread.

I would like to see a miniseries about all the other ships that were at the Battle of Wolf 359. Except for a few minutes in the pilot of DS9, that extremely important event in Federation history is never even seen.

I’ll take any episode that isn’t resolved with technobabble.

How about what TNG Enterprise and crew were doing during the Dominion War?

Well, you’ve got… uh…there’s…hmmm.

I’ll get back to you.

I suck at episode ideas so here’re some mini-series ideas.

The evolution of the Founders and the formation of the Dominion. The eugenics of the Vorta and the creation of the Jem’ Hadar would be some of the highlights.

The schism of Vulcan and Romulan peoples, culminating in the Romulan exodus and the foundation of the Romulan Star Empire.

The rise and fall of the Cardassian Union.

Dining on caviar and fine wine, and pretending like the whole universe is one big happy family. Just like they always do.

The perfect Trek has already been done. It was The Wrath of Khan.

I always thought it would be cool to do a Star Trek series in the style of The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits in the regard that it has completely different charaters every week. The ST universe is, by now, vast enough that we can have disconnected episodes … one episode could focus on a young Bajoran’s decision to join the resistence on Cardassian-occupied Bajor … another could focus on a great mind being assimilated into the Borg collective and lost forever … and so on.

Change “try and” to “try to” for the perfect grammar.

:smiley: v

runs off before NCB can lob something at her head …

I’d do a series with different ships: You know, 3 episodes NCC 1701-D, then a couple of Episodes that focus on the crew of the Yamato (before it was self destructed as a result of the system overload from the iconian probe), a couple of episodes of yet another ship - perhaps with a mostly European crew for a change :wink:

Um… Viv… you do realize that this is a series whose best-known tag line contains a rampant split inifinitive? And now you’re getting after NCB for using a less-common variant of a verb form?

Wow, gotta run, my irony meter’s chiming.

An episode that doesn’t deal with time travel or the holodeck.

Yup. It’s okay; he’s used to it.

Are you saying that the tag line should be “beam up me” ?

Sure, just try and avoid posting anything trivial. Just try!

That’s brilliant!
They could even do bits where people from different episodes do little walk-ons and follow-up episodes.

Tried. Failed. Must…post…trivial…matters…