All Trek, All the time

Suppose you had an enourmous TV budget. And you had complete final say.

How would you relight the Star Trek franchise? I’m talking about a new show. But, here’s the twist, you have access to all of the characters from any Trek. Plus, any you care to invent.

That’s right. All the Treks. You see, Star Trek has shown us that time travel isn’t just possible, it’s neccesary. Sure, there are problems and dangers with time travel. But, B&B (and Gene) have shown us over and over that it works. It’s just one more tool.

However, you have to stay true to the established canon of the Trekkerverse. In other words, no ISDs or Cylons or Buffys. Of course, a new race or empire could always be introduced… (if it works in the spirit of canon). Like meeting a Guildship, or a Lensman, or Lazarus Long even. Just be careful.

Think about story lines in which T’Pol, Spock, and Data would find themselves together. Or McCoy berating Archer’s stupidity. Or Kirk and Sisco having a major beef with each other. Maybe Chacotay and Hoshi find love. Or Wesley dies hunting the Horta. Q fights the Mertrons (? you know, from the Gorn episode. what was their name?)

How would you introduce us to this new Trek? Would the pilot be intellectual? Or action filled? Would you concentrate on character developement? Or action? Would the story line arc over several episodes?

Give us some plot synopses, some series ideas, some character mixings. Make it as long as you like, or give it to us in small increments. If you change your mind on something, tell us. Collaborate with other Trek Dopers.

Be creative. Be canon. Be Trek.

the Q show… I’d watch that… all the fun of a show about god… less of the people complaining its sacriligious

My trek show would be based around this ship.

The pilot would have the ship heading out of dock, being attacked by Romulans and then blowing the crap out of a fleet of their ships. However, while this is going on, the captain and his first officer are having a power stuggle because the first officer is experienced and the captain is straight out of, um, captain school. For comedic effect the bridge crew is being constantly hailed and threatened but ignore the Romulans in favor of their own problems. The crew figures that they should discuss their problems over a cup of tea. They all head over to te turbo lift, except the weapons officer who pushes the auto-fire button and then leaves, as the lift door closes you see the ships being destroyed in the background.

[geek]NCB, those were the Metrons, pronounced with a long A.[/geek]


I’d call it
Trek: Origins. Yep, I’d go back and look at Kirk learning to run, fight, and make out on the farm in Iowa; Picard eerily developing a British accent while growing up in France; Mayweather banging around a cramped cargo ship as a kid; T’Pol creeping out the other Vulcan kids with her odd behavior (no small feat); Kira having a rotten non-childhood on Bajor.

Or I’d get all the Brits together: Kyle (remember him?), Picard, Bashir, Reed; or maybe all the aliens; and they can all congratulate themselves on how they’ve been able to put up with Merkin Humans all these centuries.

Okay, it’s lame…but it’s getting late and I’ve read a lot of essays. That’s as good a 'scuse as any, eh?

Romulans. Nothin’ but Romulans.

Well, maybe some Klingons but only in the pilot episode. Q’onos would be a rapidly expanding asteroid belt by the end of the first hour.

Captain Sulu of the Excelsior

Set some ten years after the Praxis disaster, the Klingon empire is in complete disarray and smaller powers that had once allied themselves with the Klingons or the Federation are breaking free and lashing out for various reasons. Captain Sulu, aboard one of the most powerful ships of the Federation, has to confront messy terrorist situations while trying to protect Federation interests.

First episode: a handful of Orion terrorists destroy a major Earth city. Captain Sulu is sent immediately to Orion to retaliate, but finds the various factions on the planet squabbling with each other and have no chance of forming a stable government. The head of the Orion terrorists slips away, to become a recurring villain through the first season.

I really like your idea, Bryan Ekers. Kind of what the Breen did to Paris, eh?
You’ll have some Romulan episodes too though, right? Right??

The Romulans can be symbolic of the Chinese/North Koreans, i.e. a closed society about which little is known except how ruthless they are. Have a few dustup episodes, like a Federation scoutship zipping along the border of Romulan space gets accidentally knocked down, creating a big diplomatic hassle as the Federation has to negotiate to get the surviving crew back.

Scrap the whole thing and start from scratch. That’s right, have everything start off with some huge, giant, galactic disaster that causes a major upheaval throughout the galaxy. The basic story: The Q decide to leave the universe (don’t ask me where they’re going, I just want to get rid of them lest they become a temptation for recycled plots in the future). In doing so, they cause humongous subspace shockwaves the propagate everywhere, shattering infrastructures, destroying starships, and making Subspace a very violent, dangerous place. Oh, and the Borg are driven insane, causing assimilation growths to rage out of control… turning them from technozombies into massive, quick, and fanatically dangerous agents of death (I even drew a picture of one of 'em…).

Let the galaxy simmer for a few centuries before sentient beings learn how to take to the stars again.

Basically, what this does is that it starts everything fresh… things to explore, new phenomena to discover, PLUS you get the whole plot of trying to rebuild a galactic civilization all over again. Have some human salvage team find the wreckage of a starship called Enterprise… through this ship, they learn all of humanity’s history that had been lost in the upheaval.

This is similar to the Andromeda premise, 'cept I’d get GOOD actors to work the show… and the main ship won’t be some uber-powerful technowankfest for the fanboys.

I rather like SPOOFE’s idea . . . of course, I’m a big one for dramatic gestures. :slight_smile: I’m gonna think on this one after having gotten some sleep.

A new series, set in the Star Trek: TOS era. With the same funky “look” as the TOS Enterprise, but different characters, & no interaction with the Big Guys (Kirk, et al).

Maybe a smaller ship, with fewer resources, & a younger bunch of officers, except of course for the Captain.

I’ve posted this one before but I would really like to see a civilian ship.

You could do more interesting characters because they won’t have all been through the Acadamy mill.

The ship itself would be home to these people and so would be something other than the blue and grey military decore of every Enterprise.

They would have to face more problems than a Fereration ship because they would have the Fereration to worry about as well as everthing else lurking out there.

The prospect of having a useful but disfunctional character is intreaguing. Something else that is all but impossible with Star Fleet.

Maybe the whole thing could be based around bio research. Like on present day earth there are people who go poking around under rocks and in the canopy of the rain forest looking for new organic compounds that might be used as drugs. These guys do the same thing only on a planetary scale.

I see a xenodiverse crew including members of several established races. It could be interesting if they are also recruiting crew as they go. You could get some new interesting aliens involved and maybe even turn over some of the original crew over time as original cast left and new came on board.

I would like to pitch a new series entitled “Wesley Crusher: Blowin’ Stuff Up.” In it, Wesley ascends to the rank of Captain and, after Guinan mischievously tells him that women dig men who solve their problems with violence, he goes around the galaxy shooting everything in sensor range. Kirk is his second-in-command, offering his vast knowledge of which pick-up lines work the best on which alien babes. Worf is the security officer, both delighted that he gets to keep the phasers permanently on-line and amazed that Wesley has decided to stop being a wuss.

Riker guest stars in the first episode. Wesley blows him up for being irritating.

Where the heck did “Fereration” come from?

I think my keyboard grew another “R” key when I wasn’t looking.

The other misspellings I can understand but Fereration!?!

Maybe Audrey Hepburn’s husband, Miguel Ferrer starts his own multi world government in the future.
I like what’s been done so far.
When I come back* I’ll talk a little more. Need coffee.

  • no pie for you!

A trek Anthology series that can have episodes on different ships or Starbases and take place over any of the three centuries of Trek. Old uniforms (The Cage or Where no man has gone before) can be resurected as well as the old designs (I for one don’t mind teh clunky buttons and switches) for Starships. Best of all threats to the ships and crews can be real as they can be killed off in an episode if required.

You can have reoccuring characters but no real straight story line. You can look at Garth of Izar or find out what happened to trelaine. Find out what happened to the Bosman or even have a few Captain Sulu episodes.

So here’s who gets to be the officers in my series: Chekov (whom I’m promoting to first officer, just for the hell of it), Uhura (who will finally get to wear pants), Crusher (Beverly, not her freakish, candy-ass spawn), Worf, Trip (who will not get to wear pants), Spock (who’s been busted down to cabinboy) , and Mayweather (including him out of pity; I’ll give him lots of lines)

“But, wait!” you may be saying, “Who’s the capitan?!”

Patience, Dear Reader, allow me to explain. The role of Captain will be decided during the pilot episode, during which Kirk, Picard, Cisco, Janeway, and Archer will all be put in a tiny room and forced to fight to the death for it. Just like a reality show! Oh, how the ratings will soar.

And the winner get to choose a significant other from fifteen beautiful, gold-digging members of the sex of his or her choice. The SO in question will be killed off in the Season 1 finale.

Mine would also be a musical. Every episode would end with a big production number, complete with energetic choreography. Are there any musical TV sci-fi series at all? Well, maybe KnckersTrek would be the first. And that’s what it would be called, too, but no one 'cept you Trek Dopers would undertand it, because in the credits, my name would appear as Kitten Q. Honeysuckle.

As for the storyline, character development, mission purpose and so on - there wouldn’t be much. Mostly just panda and blowin’ stuff up. And there would be lots of Q, because he’s funny. And Andorians, 'cause I like blue. But no Kazon (I don’t like how they look like they have mussels in their hair), no Borg, no Cardassians. And no Annoying Seatmates.

So, that’s it for starters.

*not my real name. Or is it? Now you’ll always wonder!

Sisko? Sisco? Shit if I know how to spell it. Just pretend I got it right.

I’d like to see something set about 1000 years in the future when there was galactic peace achieved and one big “federation” type entity. (This was addressed atthe very end of the book “Federation”.) Anyway, as a ship’s crew leaves the milky way to travel to another galaxy they see in the vast emptiness a beacon. As they travel to the beaconm they see a message left from an ancient culture welcoming them to their real purpose… and they step through the door into… another universe just beginning to form. Where the mission of the crew is to make this universe into their own creation. Palying god perhaps, but trying to do so in a way that physics doesnt fail, and that people aren’t jerks.

Playing god with a new universe while on a space ship sounds like fun…

For the pilot, I would bring back Gary 7. I would cast a huge mega star for that roll. George Cloony, Brad Pitt type. Maybe Bruce Willis.

He would be responsible for bringing all Treks together. He defects from his people when he finds a major flaw in their plan for universal domination, but we don’t know that at the start, maybe not for several shows.

He beams right into Picard’s ready room with the Holy Trinity (Kirk Spock McCoy) in tow. Picard immediately mistakes him for Q. Q shows up (“Hi Gary.” “Hi, Q”) and informs all that something is afoot, but isn’t gonna divulge what it is. Q fades away like the Cheshire Kitty, his smiling mouth saying, “Don’t be so linear, Jean-Luc”

Did you catch my haiku joke?

Gary, with Kirk’s help, convinces Picard to go to Earth for an unsaid reason. Very mysterious, no? Then, Spock gets a call from T’Pol. She is crying. Yes, crying, and all are amazed as they watch this Vulcan on the viewscreen being completely emotional.

“It’s all gone” she laments. “And it’s my fault.”

“What’s all gone? What do you mean?” queries Picard. (Typically)

When they get to Earth, IT’S GONE!

T’Pol is in a badly damaged DS-9 runabout, so they bring her on board.

I’ll be back with more from the pilot after these messages.