The Phantom comic

I read it when I was a child, and just began reading it on the web.
It seems that Kit who was a child when our paper carried it is the current Phantom.
Did dad die from foul play or has he retired to wrestle alligators in Florida?

Foul play. Maybe.

Singh river pirates? :dubious:

What’s the appeal of this interminable, badly drawn, outdated comic? I haven’t seen an ounce of entertainment value in it for as long as I’ve seen it.

What’s not to love? You’ve got a friendly, innocent, adorable phantom who wanders the world, looking for friends. Though people are frightened by him, he means harm to noone.

Oh, and he’s got a cute little sorceress as a girlfriend. Like I said, what’s not to love?


GuanoLad, don’t I recall having seen you in a thread in which you sounded interested in an adventure-comic strip storyline?

A good adventure comic strip, for sure. I’m a huge fan of Thieves and Kings (which I think you’d probably really like, too).

But The Phantom doesn’t have any of that kind of creativity in it, it’s quite pedestrian and meandring and has no sense of excitement, at least not for me. It’s still written and drawn in the same style as it was when it first began, which is woefully outdated.

So something about it must resonate with people if it’s maintained its popularity so well, but I can’t see it.

When I was a pup I saw it on Sundays when Dad and I visited Grandmother Plant.
It’s nostalgia, like reading Spiderman. Nothing as cool as Pearls Before Swine or Sluggy Freelance, although the sucker better get back to the Bun Bun returns story, damn his eyes! :slight_smile:

The artist’s style reminds me of the National Lampoon’s Trotts and Bonnie.

Sorceress? What sorceress? Last I saw, he was still happily married to Diana Palmer-Walker (they just took a vacation a few months back).

And carnivorousplant, I believe this is the same Phantom who’s been phantoming since at least the mid-70s.

As I read the OP the Phantom he grew up with was from before the 70s, not Kit.

Good gad.
I thought it was all those chemicals in my youth…Seeing the dog with the sex toy…what do they…no…I think I’ll start smoking cigarettes again.

Yeah. Kit was some tow headed child in a loincloth that looked suspiciously like the tow headed kid who is prince of Freedonia or something in the current Sunday version.

This one. This here’s the gal that stole the phantom’s heart.

All the Phantoms are named “Kit”. But I’ve only been reading it, off and on, since the 70s, so I plead ignorance to what happened before then. And yes, the current Phantom’s son does look an awful lot like Rex.

I have been most thoroughly whooshed. Although I did rather wonder when I read your description saying he was a

No wonder I thought you’d confused the Phantom with Casper!

Casper who?

Casper Paginini, a comic strip about a mafia hit man.