The Pig War

Is there truth to the rumor that during the Pig War between the United States and British Canada, the entirety of the Canadian invasion force was not only 100% fatal casualties, but was eaten by the American settlers as well?

I don’t think there’s any hard data on the ultimate fate of Canada’s First Porcine Expeditionary Regiment.

Their motto: “Death From Within”

If it’s true they should call it the Long Pig War.

It’s true. But they compromised by making it all into Canadian bacon…

I’m sure the question in a joke, but just in case anyone is confused:

The pig war was started when one farmer shot another farmer’s pig. The pig had escaped and was eating the first farmer’s crops. This became a figurehead incident for the territorial dispute over the islands and both the US and Canada stationed military forces there. There was a very real prospect of war. The fact that US was fighting the Civil War probably helped keep it distracted from any territorial ambitions and we all know Canadians are too nice to conquer things. :slight_smile: Ultimately, after a very long standoff, the two countries were able to work with mediators to come to a resolution that peacefully established control.

So… the pig was the only fatality. I presume someone ate it. To call it a Canadian invasion force though?

Call it illegally imported ham, instead.

Not bad from memory, but the Pig War standoff was in 1859, before the Civil War. On the US side, George Pickett was in, errrr, charge.

Maybe the pig became a pork sandwich, as the war also featured a Kaiser role.