The Piri Reis map and earth crust displacement


I’m working on a paper regarding the view of Graham Hancock, my favorite pseudoscientist, that Atlantis is Antarctica.

Now, I realize that the Peri Reis map is dumb and earth crust displacement isn’t the most sound theory in the world.

But why?

Any search I’m doing only conjures up the most amusing “Atlantis aliens pyramids blah blah blah”

But all I can really find in response is that it’s wrong. Nothing I’ve been able to drege up yet says exactly why.


Try searching for Piri Reis, which is the usual spelling. It is believed to have been made in 1513 by an Admiral of the Ottoman Empire named Piri Reis. It was lost for centuries but turned up again in 1929. The map is genuine, as far as I know, but it seems to be a magnet for all kinds of kooks, for reasons I don’t really understand. One Internet site you might find useful is one I can’t manage to link to. You’ll have to paste the URL into your browser.

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