The post that proves all the haters wrong

Look at this will you?
It is a post. It has been posted.
I guess you knew that, since had it not been posted, you likely wouldn’t be reading it.
All the haters can go home now and think about their wrong life choices.
This forum works just fine, my post is my cite.


Ooooo-kay… <ThelmaLou backs slowly away…>

Maybe Jim needs to cut back on the nightshade.

Along with distributing coronavirus test kits, the gov’mint should also pass out tranqs?

I think we need a “How’s your Mental Health” thread.

Haters gonna hate. Heck, haters gotta hate. Why all the hate for the haters?

What I don’t get is all the hate for the hatters.

ETA: Unless someone hates hats. Wife hated hats, especially on me.

Shelter-in-place day 7: I’ve begun experimenting with alternate sentence structure.

Who are you?

I wish hats would come back. I used to love getting a new hat for Easter. And it was a Thing to Do to go into the hat department at the big stores and try on hats.

It was JFK who put the kibosh on hats for men, but Jackie wore them. Why didn’t they stick around?

I miss gloves, too. Especially these days! I rooted around in a dresser and located an old-timey pair of Della Street gloves. A woman wasn’t well-dressed without a pair of gloves. I watch a fair number of vintage murder mysteries on TV and a female murderer never had to worry about leaving fingerprints at the scene or on the murder weapon. Of course, today gloves wouldn’t look right with jeans and a t-shirt, which even we Old Ladies wear.

and the t-shirt was killed by Clark Gable. Or not. What a hater. :frowning:

I want men back in t-shirts and hats and women back in gloves, goddammit! That’s what’s wrong with the world today! And get the fuck off my lawn, while yer at it!

^^I wish I had a lawn so I could yell that. I guess I could yell “get the fuck off my sidewalk,” though.

Hey! You’re welcome to yell, “Get the fuck off ThelmaLou’s lawn!” :smiley:

‘Bless your heart’, OP

(I never hate the hatters or the haters or the glovers. Well, there was this guy in highschool who’s last name was Glover, I hated him)

Yeah, well Donald Glover is awesome!

He was great in Gone Fishing.

I made my wife buy a hat, she was beautiful in it, people stopped her in the mall to compliment it. When we went fishing, the wind blew it in the lake. She pretended to be sad.

But are the haters going to shift to hating the Bucs?!?

Mad haters.
Mad hatters.
Mad hooters.
Mad huskers.
Mad Avenues.
Mad magazine.
Mad margarine.

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.
We all have our limits.