The postage stamp test for impotency

What the actual fuck?

Tell me this sleep lab was done in a proper scholarly setting and not in Dirty Mike’s Downstairs College.

THAT’S THE ENTIRE POINT OF THE TEST. This means that the erectile dysfunction is not from physical causes, but psychological.

University of Pittsburgh.
Years later I found the journal article.

Okay, after reading this I just had to try the stamp test.

CAUTION: Do NOT use airmail stamps! I woke up with the stamps not only broken but cancelled. I pieced together the torn stamps and could read “Deauville”. Turns out it’s a French seaside town.

All the next day, I was squirming in an office meeting, feeling not only the residual glue, but perfume and croissant crumbs. Which wasn’t as embarrassing as when my little guy started humming La Marseillaise.

Did the publish the photo?

A photo, but not one of me. The picture was to show the technique they used to confirm that an erection had occurred. They used an instrument that allowed them to measure pounds (kilos?) of pressure being applied and the erection not folding.

(The only embarrassing part was when my EEG paste was being picked/combed out the following morning by a tech. She said that she was sorry she had to wake me up so often the night before. I had minimal memory of the events, but realizing I was chatting with the night tech made me blush.)