The postage stamp test for impotency

Was that a flat rate or per boner?

Flat rate.

One night I had six erections during REM sleep. That meant six “awakenings” so the tech could look under my gown and use a tool to measure how “hard” I was. In one case a picture was taken (for scholarly purposes I was told).

Are YouTube ads statically assigned or random? The ad for this video is for Viagra.

Was the $350 all you could afford to pay?

YouTube (and all other Google products, similar to Facebook and many other websites) serves you ads based on your recent internet activity, the content you’re currently watching, and so forth. It’s definitely not random.

Companies can pay extra to have their ads be unskippable, or associated with certain content.

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Aus doesn’t have coil stamps, and if it does, they aren’t used for that. You used to be able to get medically approved snap rings.

I used a paper towel tube. If the tube is shredded in the morning, we know everything’s working.

So with the male mail stamps, how do you get off, I mean get them off, when they have stuck to you because of the sweat or other fluids that may contact them and activate the adhesive?

Scrub thoroughly using soap and an in-and-out motion ? :slight_smile:

Have someone lick off the adhesive. Of course, if that were done in the first place, you wouldn’t need the stamps.

You could arrange them so the adhesive surface is on the outside of the loop instead of the inside.

If the adhesive is on the inside, you could simply soak the whole thing in water until it’s soaked through, which should release the adhesive and/or allow the paper to disintegrate.

I’v heard a woman disparaged as “as selective as a mailbox” and I so want to work that into a funny. No joy. :frowning:

Same thing, but with a chain dog collar.

What’s/whose shredded with that?

I have an unused coil of 3,000 1¢ stamps, the kind that have to be licked. With the right marketing I could make a fortune.

I know what you mean Buddha, I find an old fashioned mouse trap works. One has to be careful when applying ones member to the cheese tray and naturally the sheet should be allowed to settle gracefully, on a cushion of air, so to speak. I admit sleep comes with great effort because it is important not to move, however, in the fullness of time you will drift off to the land of dreams, I would advise that you try to think of mundane matters, fishing, gardening etc. for once your mind drifts to topics of an erotic nature, Sh-t, f9ck. Agggh… yes, it actually works…

A serious answer: :eek:
It is entirely possible for a man to have erections in his sleep and still be unable to achieve or maintain an erection while awake. I do not know why this is.