Ask the guy who gets paid to have sex

I haven’t seen this topic before, so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

Okay, so maybe it’s not quite what it sounds. I am not a gigolo, neither am I a rentboy (and just as well, as I would do badly with either one of these), and I have never appeared in a porn movie of any description.

Technically, in fact, I lied–I don’t officially get paid to have sex. Technically, I get paid to answer questionnaires after (and sometimes before) I have sex, as well as for allowing “them” to poke and prod me in ways that are usually straightforward enough but can occasionally become a bit invasive.

I have what the commercials delicately refer to as “trouble in the bedroom” or, a little less delicately, as “E.D.” (Suffice it to say that I can’t throw the football through the tire swing with any degree of regularity.) Over the last few years I have been involved in a number of medical studies testing various ED drugs. In return for my participation, one of the perks is that I do indeed get paid. Not lots, but it adds up.

If you have questions about how this sort of thing works, ask away. I’ll do my best to answer whatever I can.

REALLY bad thread title and username combo.

I agree with my esteemed colleague, but it did make me LOL.

Now I wish I had a question.

What does it mean, “Rentboy”?

Sex with who or what?

Do you have to supply your own sexual partner?

I shall, so to speak, bite:

Can you offer a comparison of the different medications you’ve used and how they’ve affected your libido? Have you had a four hour erection, and if so, did you call your friends to brag first or the physician?

Do you know the cause of your ED? If so, are you willing to share with us what it is?

Is the cause important to the researchers?

This. They provide someone for you to (try to) bang or do you have to BYO?

carnivorousplant a rentboy is a male prostitute frequented by homosexuals.

A rentboy is a boy you can rent. “Boy” in the expansive sense, not a minor, just a young guy. Like callgirls don’t need to be underage.

Can you characterize the effects on libido, erection, and ejaculation of the different drugs you’ve tried? For instance, I heard that viagra makes it easier to get an erection but harder to ejaculate (in some instances).

Are the drugs you’ve tested unreleased drugs or the existing big 3 (viagra, cialis, levitra)?


Have you ever ventured over to the hormone studies? How do they compare?

What sort of in the doctor’s office activities have you had to complete?

#My addition to the thread:
#I did a vasectomy study that completely removed any stigma of discussion on the entire topic of my male organs and their functioning. So I can understand your comfortability and even comedy in discussing your own.

How much money we talkin’?

:eek: No kidding, my first thought was “Do you at least wash first?”

I think if we knew what an Ulf was, being unwashed would be the least of our concerns.

Can I fake having ED in order to ride this gravy train with you?

Wait, that came out wrong. No! That’s not what I meant either!
Ok, srsly. How much money we talking? And how invasive are these exams? And what causes of ED are they suspecting?

if you had an erection for 4 or more hours, then how long duration? how did it seem? what did you do?


He goes in and says, sign me up, but I have three conditions:

First, my wife must never know,

Second any children must be raised Catholic, and

Three, I’ll have to pay in installments…

So you get paid to take drugs for and have sex with “ED”.

What does Mrs Zotti think about this?

Do you ever have a hard time filling out the survey?