The Poster Formerly Known as 'The Crunchy Frog'

Signing up last month, I thought I had picked a unique name, “The Crunchy Frog.” It wasn’t too long afterward that it was pointed out to me there was another poster known as “Crunchy Frog.”

I wrote to the Webmaster asking for a name change and announced it here. Due to being out of town for a seminar and just plain laziness from work fatigue, I didn’t follow up on it, though I kept meaning to do so.

Today I got a notice that my handle’s been changed. I am now, no longer known as “The Crunchy Frog.” I am now, “International Playboy.”

I picked the name in honor of my boyhood hero, Jethro Bodine. The full title, “International Playboy and Double Naught Spy,” is too long to type, so I setteled on the shorter version.

Well, The Bratman was available.

(Don’t ask; it’s a loooooong story! ;))

Welcome, International Playboy. Thanks for the name change. It’s entirely too easy to confuse us 'round here.

I like the name, too. Was he your hero because he had all of those lucious women around all the time? (Every young boy’s dream, if you know what I mean :wink: )

Poly, that’s funny.

So, how ya doing, International Playboy? :wink:

Good choice!

Do you have a cast iron hat?

Now you’re just showing your age.

Wow! What an image change! From that of a crunchy frog to an international playboy! Did a princess kiss you or what?

Welcome back!

I can say I was confused before you changed your name. I’m glad you decided to do it.

Kiss? She obviously gave him Red Bull. Duh.

Greetings, International Playboy, from a wealthy dan about town!*
*except for the wealthy and the “about town” part.

Howdy, Mr. International Playboy. What’s doin’?

/swoons over dantheman once again

:: blushes furiously ::

Whoops, wrong thread. Carry on, IP!

Wait. Maybe we shouldn’t abbreviate your name as IP. I mean, I’m hoping you do, but …


dan’s got a stalker!
dan’s got a stalker!
neener neener neener!


Oh, and I’m still confused. Did anybody even ever hear of The Crunchy Frog? Maybe Crunchy Frog should think of changing to Crunchy Frog [sup]TM[/sup]. That would certainly alleviate some confusion.

Sure, we all heard of him. He had a thread about how he was sorry he had chosen the name because CF made an innocuous comment about it in another thread. TCF then said he was going to change it and would ask the Webmaster (meaning TubaDiva, I spose) to do so - but he didn’t know then what he was gonna change it to.

Ah, yes. I do, in fact, remember that. How strange. It seems this fellow’s only posts are to apologize for copying somebody else’s name.

Yo! International Playboy! Good to see you back!

I’d been watching for more from you on that thread where so many choices for new handles were coming in. I just figured you’d come up with one that would outdo all of them – and you did!

Now, I suspect the inevitable nicking will take place, if not sooner then later. After all, that’s a whole handful of letters to type (for those not into the copy/paste form of address). So, I’m going to suggest either IPB or Intboy as a starter.

Or do you already have one picked out? Would Jethro go better?

I would even suggest 00 but the excitement recently over O_o might get confusing.

In any case, welcome back!

Nah, he posts other places about regular stuff, as I’ve found after doing a vanity search. (And then being thoroughly confused thinking, “I don’t remember ever posting to that thread! I’m not even interested in donkey porn.”*)

*[sub]I’m all about the goat porn, however[/sub]

He better wear the bunny ears and tail.

At least you didn’t pick Atomic Racing Badger.