The power of female emotions on men is astounding -

Linked fromthis Gawker article it’s supposed to be a funny video, but she’s so distraught I felt bad for her. My whole body tensed up watching it.

Jane on Jef Holm

I have no idea what that was about at all. WTF??

I was a little afraid to look after a recent experience, but I chanced it, and I’m happy to say I had no interest in watching more than 10 seconds of that video.

Looks like this is a thing. The recommended videos sidebar was packed with videos of stoned teenagers who had just had their wisdom teeth out.

I guess things have changed since 1984 and they are no longer using just Novocaine for this kind of surgery?

Mine came out in 1999 and they gave me some kind of IV push. I woke up in zero pain incredibly high and very talkative.

I had mine out in '75. I stayed overnight in the hospital, floating on Demerol. Went home the next day with a two-week supply of Percodan.

And it STILL hurt!

I had mine out sometime around 1988. I got novocaine and nitrous gas. I was high as a kite when I got home. There was no, “I woke up and…” because I was awake and babbling to anyone within 5’ proximity the entire time. Mine weren’t impacted or anything, so when I got home, I ate a couple of my grandma’s awesome oatmeal cookies (still warm from the oven), called my BF, and went out drinking.

How any of this thread has anything to do with “the power of female emotions on men,” I haven’t a clue. I don’t even know what the fuck that means. Don’t men have emotions? Emotions have gender?