The Power of Shazam to be used by the U.S. Army?

Well, it sounds like all the above is true, but my headline is not. So far, the article talks about weapons that may be used by the army, or may never be picked up. Who knows? Personally, I think it sounds interesting.

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Basically, the article quoted is about a “non-lethal” weapons manufacturer who are producing [del]static electricity[/del] lightning guns, among other things. While the reference to comics in the title is fictional, the article I am linking to is about real life weapons inventors. I thought it would be cool to mention this unusual weapon.

Explanation of the thread’s title:
Now, the fact is that the Power of Shazam, in the comics was the ability to have access to all the powers of many ancient heroes, but since the article was about the possibility of the army using lightning-throwers, I figured it was not inappropriate to use a headline that mentioned the fact that Captain Marvel also uses lightning.


I thought only Marines could use the Power of Shazam.

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