The pre-emptive thread seeking to

strawman the Nice terror attack into a referendum on gun violence to distract the public.

If only France would join the rest of the civilized world and institute gun control they could stop the violence.

This has got to stop. Tears and prayers are not enough. We need ACTION.

Oh well spotted. I suppose we can throw this one on the nonexistent pile of gunned down corpses towering over France. If only they could aspire to an American class of random massacre.

Here I was looking forward to making you look like an ass, and you’ve gone and done it yourself.

Good job. No event too tragic to use it to take some sort of obscure political cheap shot, eh?

Since most of the people were killed by a guy driving a truck, it’s pretty fucking stupid to bring gun control into it. Oh, why don’t we require background checks on truck buyers and make sure they’re properly licensed?

Jesus Christ, dude, they haven’t even cleaned up the blood from the streets yet. Have some fucking compassion.

With 70 dead, I’d stay controlling their guns wasn’t the problem.

What a classless moron you are. Can we let the blood dry in the streets before you turn this tragedy into a political circus?


I’d say we’re just lucky this thread doesn’t have a link to The Pointer Sisters “Neutron Dance”…

This thread is something of an accomplishment, really - if only by virtue of the fact that the majority of the general public could not stoop to such idiotic, crass, and odious drivel if they were actively trying.

So, for continuously and insistently exploring the depths human behaviour can sink to, Stringbean, I salute you.


No. I’ve seen too much blood spilled already. Too many grieving families.

The time for France to enact gun control is NOW. Tears and prayers are not enough.

Based on what happened last November and now tonight it would seem the Americans have much to aspire to.

Which is why France needs sensible gun control to stop these massacres.


Late word is that there were guns and grenades in the truck. Not sure if this will turn out to be correct; things are very much in flux.

(When I went out for my afternoon walk, the death toll was thirty; when I got back it was 70. Jeez.)

And, yeah, making a straw-man attack about “My political opponents would say such-and-such about it” is a really crass maneuver. The fact that his political opponents would, in fact, not say any such thing only makes it more inept.

He used a truck.

They have. Belgium hasn’t to the same extent. It’s like the closest gun store in Chicago is a couple blocks into Cicero, with free travel between the two.

Though none of that matters to you, since you are a fucking moron.

No, probably just a moron. Guessing he doesn’t get to fuck much, at least non-commercially.

80 dead in France and you have to bring up THIS shit??? You are an idiot and deserve the ripping you are about to receive.

Gun control in France.