The Prelinger archives and XML

If you go to download video files from the archives one of the choices you have is XML which is much smaller than the the other files. From what I can determine XML is a browser language along the same lines as HTML. How is XML used to save video files?

I took a quick peek at The two XML links I saw were brief descriptions. It looked like a statement that could be cut and pasted to add a prelinger review to a page of your choosing.

XML can’t store video, except as a string of text within an element. Click on the XML link and you’ll see what it is.

Can’t imagine why they put the links in the download section of the page. That’s weird.

XML isn’t storing the videos. Their placement of it on those pages has always confused me.

Reeder, this is the text of one of the links. Its Creative Commons License, so I don’t think I’m breaking any rules by posting it.

<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8”?>

<reviews itemIdentifier=“ThisIsPr2001”>
<review review_id=“10888”>
<reviewtitle>A perfect introduction…</reviewtitle>
<reviewbody>This is a perfect introduction for anybody not already familiar with Prelinger Archives, although still quite an interesting watch for those who are familiar with either this site, or the actual Archives in New York.

Narrated (somewhat expectedly) by Mr Rick Prelinger, this film gives an overview of the archive itself, the services it provides, and a great explanation and history of Ephemeral films. It remains interesting the entire time, and features plenty of films contained in the archive.

This is worth the download purely to better grasp the idea and realisation of Prelinger Archives, no matter how much you already know, or how long you have been visiting this site.

So show your friends and family and get them involved in the Prelinger Archives too =)

Oh, and I know how to pronounce ephemeral and Prelinger now, so I’m wrapped =P</reviewbody>
<reviewer>Roland Deschain</reviewer>
<reviewdate>2004-03-27 19:52:56</reviewdate>
<createdate>2004-03-27 19:52:56</createdate>
<review review_id=“16223”>
<reviewbody>this short video is the essential introduction to the Prelinger Archives. After viewing it at least 6 times, I still find it most entertaining</reviewbody>
<reviewdate>2004-07-09 13:54:52</reviewdate>
<createdate>2004-07-08 16:12:43</createdate>