The preponderance of ALL CAPS TOPICS!

God I hate that.

me too. i like the little letters. more open and honest.


I agree. Very few topics or statements need to be entirely capitalized. (MIDSHIPMEN SUCK WALRUS WEENIE WARTS, for example.)

From: Monty
To: ChiefScott


Ref: (a) ChiefScott posting of 3 Dec 99

  1. I would imagine you might be used to topic titles being typed in all caps, Chief.

  2. Doesn’t the Navy use subject titles as the one above in correspondence?

                      Monty [pretend this starts at the centerline]

<P ALIGN=“CENTER”> Or, do it like this.</P>

<P ALIGN=“CENTER”> Or, do it like this.</P>


Rysdad – Screw you and the Knights.

Marty – You’re just a smart ass.

Trisk – Your html skills leave me in a state of awe.

Go downstyle beat all caps!

Go Navy!

I know what you’re saying, Chief.

I can’t imagine why everyone has been so obsessed with caps. I mean, sure they look cute, but so do cowboy hats, sombrerroes(sp), and beanies.

So get over the cap fetish!

Thanks, chief, for finally letting me vent about this topic. Now, what’s your favorite flavor of ice cream again? :smiley:

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Trisk: that won’t work because the Navy, being military and thus a bit off of the civilian way of doing things, doesn’t center the typed signature block but begins it at the center line. Strange, hey?