The President's Day MMP

Because some of us gotta get up and earn some dead presidents today.:stuck_out_tongue:

You just beat me - I had a new MMP all drafted up but I decided to check before hitting post.

I’ll be working… at home. :smiley: This is one of the 9 Fed holidays my company observes. They blow off Columbus day and move MLK day to the day after Thanksgiving so we can have a 4-day weekend.

My only big plan for today is an eye exam at 11:30. Time for new glasses. Yay!

Happy Moanday!


I am at irk, earning a pittance as usual. We have eight public holidays each year, the uni gives us two extra days for easter and shuts for about 10 days at xmas so we do pretty well out of them. Unfortunately, the rest of the time, we are expected to work ourselves into the ground which is what I feel like.

This week I’ll be taking Friday afternoon off to go and visit the US Embassy in London for my global entry interview. Which reminds me, I must book a train ticket and collect up all the documents I need to take with me. And tell my mother where I’m going in case they don’t let me out again.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 48 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 79 and mostly N.O.S. for the day. Today’s agenda includes cleanin’ da cave although it’s not to grungy and tonight is men’s night over to the church house so steaks are marinatin’ and beer is chillin’. I shall head over there around four to get things goin’ for that.

Now I need more caffeine and rumbly tummy demands sustenance. Then I suppose I should get started with defilthyfication.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

I think I’m over my sick, just in time for a dentist appointment! :rolleyes: I hope they can fix that little chipped spot on my front incisor. Can’t…stop…messing…with it…

I had a little chip on a front tooth and they polished it out in a couple of minutes. I’ve had dentists in the past who would have required a second appointment, but this guy just jumped right in there and took care of it. Hope you have similar luck. I know what you mean about messing with it…

Mornin’ all. For retirees such as swampy and yours truly, every day is a holiday (yeah, right).

Back is feeling much better, if I try to stand up too fast from sitting it gives me a twinge, but nothing like the pain yesterday. Good thing, since I agreed to referee an outdoor game on Tuesday evening (forecast is rain and in the 60’s). Glutton for punishment, I am.

FCM, I got a card from my eye doctor to schedule an appointment; I’m unsure, on one hand it’s not a bad idea, on the other there has been no appreciable change like the last time I visited, so why spend the $$$ (beyond my insurance) for new glasses? I’ll probably go anyway; that’s why I’m paying for the insurance.

Big kitty, glad you are feeling better. Hope the dentist can help, my problem was with one of my side teeth that needed some work last year.

**MetalMouse **- my eye insurance is VSP, and the last time I went, new specs didn’t cost me anything. But I don’t care about designer frames, and that seems to be where the big cost comes in. My progressives and even transitions are included. OK, I think there’s a $10 copay, but that’s pretty much nothing compared to the cost of glasses.

Got a call from our car guys - we need a new battery in the truck. It’s an '09 and we’ve never replaced it, so I do believe him when he says it’s bad. Once they’re done with that, **FCD **will pick up the truck and leave his Porsche for its oil change. So all 3 of our vehicles will have been done within a week. The truck should have been in several months ago, but since we hardly drive it, we tend to forget when it’s due. Anyway, we’ll be good now.

I should probably shower. **FCD **is up and dressed and I’m still in my robe and slippers. Love these days of sloth. :smiley:

Blurf. Up at 0730 on a holiday. Not fair.

I have walked the dog and am now watching a documentary on Obama on History Channel. I think I will make some coffee. I was planning to go back to sleep but I guess I am up.

Happy Washington’s Birhday!

And some of us can still sleep in late and do the same thing. We’re just later getting home to post. :smack:
Another thread started over the weekend got me thinking of all the Presidents I’ve lived through. I think Reagan may have been my favorite. His form of bat-shit crazy and overall policies just sat well with me. Least favorite I’ll bypass in part because the situation is in such flux right now. :smiley:

Up since 5 finishing the organizing of house prior to the house cleaners (HUZZAH), who are coming over this morning. Hubby shall likely have to let them in, as I am taking 'Beamer over to school and meeting with Principal and a few teachers to make sure the PE situation does not repeat.

And off I go. :smiley:

Hello all! I’m off today, yay! I’m hoping to motivate the daughter to do some homework later, I’m sure that will be a challenge. Anyway, first load of wash is done and the second is in the dryer.

I saw some talk about glasses and eye exams. I just picked up my new glasses yesterday. FCM you mentioned VSP. I’m pretty sure that’s who we have, too. I paid a $10 copay for my exam and my frames were covered, nothing fancy, but I like them :nerd_face:. I have progressive lenses, I forget how much insurance contributes, I paid $130 out of pocket for them.

Enjoy the day!

Are you running for something?

I don’t have a holiday today. Though with my work, it can get done pretty much anytime (that I’m not out, or doing other things, that is.)

Still have a chip in my front tooth, although it feels better since they ran the polisher thingy over it. I now have two cracked molars, one on the bottom left and one on the top right. :mad: I don’t like the c-word and I don’t like that the dentist keeps saying it to me.

But then I went home and stopped by the good Mexican place for lunch. :cool:

BigKitty sorry about the cracked teeth. I hates those.

The cleaning people are here. ::snoopy dance:: I so look forward to a clean house.

Later today I will do a little grocery shopping, stop by the hardware store to get some lightbulbs and two new smoke detectors (found two bad ones) and start laundry.


Did you floss? :dubious:

Da cave is spiffed. Go Me! I foresee nappage to celebrate.

big kitty, aside from the pain involved, for me, the bigger issue with a crown is that my dental insurance only covers 50% of it and 50% of the root canal under it, so I’ve paid $1K each for the two that I have.

The company that I work for only observes four holidays a year: New Year, Independence Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Instead, I accrue 7.5 hours a pay period (2 weeks) of PTO. I would rather have that.

Happy Moonday!

It’s a beautiful day.

We are home from the grocery run. I bought too much frozen food, but we managed to cram it all in without blocking the vents.

Lots to do that means going out this week. Grocery run, Sah-son has two tests at the college this week, and I have to go to the doctor on Firday.
I am dreading that day, in addition to going to the doctor I am going to Annapolis to have lunch with a friend. I hate driving to Annapolis. Then back up to the armpit because I have to pick up some furniture at my mother’s. I told my cousin I’d stop by and see him, he lives about a mile from my mother. Then I am going to bop over to Overlea to see another friend.
I will need to be up by 6, to be out the door by 8, to make it to the doctor by 11 am, and I probably won’t get home until 11 pm or so. Maybe I can leave at 9, but no matter, it is going to be a long day with a lot of driving.
Unless it snows.