The President's Physical.

Result of physical. He needs to lose weight. Otherwise he’s healthy.

Trump got a perfect score on the cognitive test.
The normal is 26 points out of 30.

There’s a link to download the test. Get your SO or a friend to administer it. It’s easy to miss a few points. I had to really focus and concentrate. Much like a school test its important not to stress out and tense up. I missed a few points.

Cognitive test

Hopefully this will put to rest claims that Trump has dementia.

He’s got an abrasive personality and is impulsive. He speaks his mind and doesn’t care how other people react. He’s his own man and won’t change for anybody.

He doesn’t have the right personality to be President. Imho Politicians are obsessed with saying what people want to hear. They never will speak candidly, about anything.

But, he’s pretty much the same jerk he’s always been.

Great, so he’s just an asshole.

Yes and you’re always an angel and never an asshole. Go ahead and throw the first stone.

Great, so this should put to rest the debate on is he actually lying to everyone about everything or is he just forgetful.

No. Apparently, his cognitive score is above average. I believe that makes him a smart asshole.

I’m surprised they published the test.

Part of the difficulty is taking the test cold. You aren’t prepared and don’t know what they’ll ask.

That’s how most seniors take it. They go in for their annual checkup and the doc asks them to take the cognitive test.

I guess most seniors won’t download the test and read it.

I believe this guy (Joe cross) is 6’2" and 240 lbs. People I’ve known who were trumps height and weight didn’t look anything like he does.

Has all this been verified independently? I know the admiral said it was valid, not trumps personal doctor. Still, it is all too good to be true. Can these results be audited and verified?

Perfect score on a dementia test?
Bmi of 29.9, just one pound shy of obesity. Highest Bmi possible without being obese.
Excellent health despite being 71, never exercising, high stress, poor social support and poor diet?
Body shape that doesn’t match weight listed.

I smell a rat.

I’d like to see him run a mile. Hell, jog a mile. OK, fuck me, walk a few laps around a high school track.

I suspect Trump got a look at the cognitive test. Perhaps his private doctor or a friend told him what to expect.

That would explain his willingness to take it and his perfect score. That’s textbook Trump. He needs to feel in charge of situations and his ego demands that he does well.

But, the test is still valid for screening him for early dementia. People with that condition have terrible short term memories and problems with analytical thinking.

They can’t memorize a test they had seen earlier. The questions that require problem solving would still trip them up. A person with early dementia wouldn’t get a perfect score. Imho it doesn’t matter if someone previewed the test for him.

My dad was in the very early stages. He & mom would leave home to eat at a restaurant. Sometimes he’d start the car and ask mom where they were going. He’d forgotten a decision made a few mins earlier.

He’d (occasionally) have to ask directions to a place he’d driven to for many years.

Most of the time he seemed ok.

We were starting to consider taking away his car keys. Thankfully he passed away before that was necessary.

he cannot be 239 pounds, we can see that.

Maybe Dr. Ronnie isn’t used to press conferences, but did anyone notice that he refer to the NIH as the National Institute of Hygiene? Thats embarrassing.

Seriously, he did? Maybe he littered the press conference with intentionally false information so we’d know he was under duress. What? It’s as believable as Trump being 6’ 3” and 239 lbs. :smiley:

No he is more than an asshole ,he is a sexist and racist asshole ! :mad:

Just remember, the cognitive test is not an indicator of mental health.

Right - he’s a smart, crazy asshole - the worst kind

It’s the only time Trump has been known to be shy.

OK, just remember that muscle is much denser than fat. A person who is 6’3", 239 pounds and has good muscle tone will look like the linked picture. A person who is 6’3" and a couch potato will look like Trump.

The only thing I find at all odd is that he apparently did well on an exercise stress test. However, it does not say for how long he exercised. Could have been only a couple of minutes.
The most important thing here is genetics. As I always tell my patient “make sure to choose the right parents”. His poor habits are reflected in his cholesterol which is still high despite being on a strong medication.

Huh. This just came across my Twitter feed.I have no information about the dependability of this source.

On the one hand, I wouldn’t be surprised at Trump demanding that his numbers be fudged. I would be surprised that a flag officer, even a little flag like Jackson, would consent to do anymore than lightly sugarcoat the facts.*

*ie, “The President could stand to lose some weight” rather than “My god, he’s fat!”