The problem of evil, restated.

Some people argue that the common vision of hell as a place where devils stab you with pitchforks isn’t accurate. They argue that hell is actually pretty similar to earthly life. The main punishment in hell is that you’re denied the presence of God which people get to experience in heaven.

So heaven consists of what; constant worship and singing of praises to God? And hell is similar to earthly life and lacks the requirement of slavish worship?

Why is heaven necessarily to be preferred?

Why should it be our responsibility, and not god’s? He is, afterall, both in a better position to help than any of us, and responsible for the design flaws that make it possible for humans to become unhinged to this degree.

I argue that hell is a place where you eat only orange marmalade and are forced to listen to Davis Hasselhoff’s Greatest Hits.

It’s just as plausible as any other concept of hell. The only difference is mine was made up 2 minutes ago and the others were made up 2 millennia ago.

I’ll take your statements in order.

No, He isn’t

No, He isn’t

It’s not.

Yes, He does.

Yes, He is.

Please show your work.

Thank you.

What level of evil would be tolerable? What level of evil would not make you think God doesn’t exist?
10 kids? 2 kids? 1 kid? only adults? only really bad people?
Tell us please where you draw the line? No murders ever? No theft? NO disease? Never anything bad?

Well, sure. It would be nice to have a clear delineation between heaven and hell, wouldn’t it?

Why? the person I was answering didn’t.

The difference between us is that while I’m an atheist, I’m willing to listen to other possibilities and acknowlege they may be internally consistent.

Your argument seems to be that any cosmology that doesn’t get your personal seal of approval is thereby ruled impossible. You need to realize it’s possible the universe doesn’t care whether or not you personally approve of it.

Yes he did. In a very concrete way. My cite: CNN.

Gang, I don’t think right after a shooting is the best time to make political proclamations, or religious ones. I’m betting a Fundie rant would be as repugnant to me as an Atheist one, right now.

God is so freeking busy listening to high school coaches asking for help winning the game, and the general Tourette’s syndrome Christians who can’t utter a sentence without putting Jesus in it someplace, for him to have time to look after little things like children in CT. Just the overhead of listening to the Grace said by folks eating at Cracker Barrel alone is a full time job.

I’m willing to listen to other possibilities, too. I just expect there to be evidence that suggeste what they are saying is true. What are you suggesting that is internally consistent?

You are mischaracterizing my position. I am willing to accept any cosmology even if I don’t like it, if it can be shown to be true. In fact, if I could spend eternity in bliss with god and all of my loved ones, that would be great. I like that concept. But me liking it isn’t enough to make it true.

The universe not only does not care what I think, it most likely lacks the capacity to care. My liking or disliking an idea is not what makes it true.

I might argue that denial of The Presence is true of Sheol/Hades where the unredeemed dead lanquish until the Final Judgment- but that Gehenna/The Lake of Fire which the incorrigibly unrepentant is inescapable evelopment in The Presence.

“For our God is a consuming Fire.” Letter to the Hebrews

I can well see that for many, there can be no worse Hell than to be trapped inside God & raging to escape.

Damn, you sure can write some HellPorn, FriarTed.

<flagellate> <flagellate> <flagellate>*

That took me a couple seconds… well done!

Beat your previous record?

Then why did you feel the need to rage at a god you apparently (believe doesn’t exist)/(believe exists and therefore is responsible)? Which is it? Your entire rant is profoundly irrational.