The Q and X Union. We represent the underused letters of the alphabet

Don Coyote=the anti-x-and-q brigade’s eqivalent of Don Quixote, with a canine twist…

Don Coyote=the anti-x-and-q brigade’s eqivalent of Don Quixote, with a canine twist…

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By default, I am a firm supporter and lifelong member of TXQU.

Wasn’t this all solved in the Great Linguistical Awakening of 1815. The vowels got to be used more then any other letter on an individual basis and they also got half claim to the Y. In exchange they gave up their opposition to contractions. And accepted begin outnumbered 21 to 5. So let’s not reopen old wounds.

So what I’m asking is “Can’t we all just get along?”
To spell love you need 2 consonants and 2 vowels. And isn’t love enough?



huddled meeting of TVF – “mutter” “mumble” “belch”

The official position of The Vowel Fascists is, of course! We welcome all with open arms! Just so long as you agree absolutely with us, 100% of the time …

Fellow Posters

Can I appeal for some commonsense? There are some amongsit us who accuse the vowels of wanting to take over completely. Thais just isin’t truue. Vowelus are NOTA teriyinog to iaanfiltraate thaeior waay intooo evereye woradi ato eveariy opoportiuanitey. Geto reeeaaal! Caaalim dooowuun!. Voaweils aerei ouuar firieneds.


[sub]help help they’ve overpowered me[/sub]



Just check out the screen name, ya pretenders to the throne!

[sub]always wanted t’ do that![/sub]

Resistence is futile! Prepare to be assimilated! (As if you aren’t already – chortle)

The Vowel Fascists

Thr s n fckng wy ths vwl fscsts wll gt th bttr f m!

T prphrs Wnstn Chrchll:
W shll fght n th bchs, w shll fght n th lndng grnds, w shll fght n th flds nd n th strts, w shll fght n th hlls; w shll nvr srrndr!


This all reminds me of Mark Twain’s plan

By the great vowel-ruled alphabets, citizen – that’s so funny! :smiley:

Now report to the Inquistion Department, please, we want to …discuss something with you …

The Vowel Fascists

Fear not – the good fight has already been taken up in part by these people. I suggest you form a coalition at once.

So I think like Samuel Clemens? Remembering what I read of Huck Finn, I wonder if that’s good or bad…

I hereby declare my unconditional support for the TQXU. It is time that the roles of these two letters in the English language, especially Q, be more fully recognized.

For example, the Oxford English Dictionary asserts that the words what, which, whom and Whitsuntide can be acceptably spelled as qhat, qh(w)om, qheche, and Qhythsontyd.

Additionally, there is the process of Q-spoiling described as “stor[ing] the laser’s energy and liberat[ing] it in brief but tremendous bursts”. Be warned, Vowel Fascists. We have tremendous weaponry.

Finally, many years ago, I was perusing the Guinness Book of World Records and found the entry on the world’s shortest surnames. According to one study, it was found that the only letter not used as a surname is, in fact, Q. Thus I propose that we of the TQXU hereby rid ourselves of our slave names and adopt the surname of Q, thereby giving Q its rightful place among the panoply of surnames.

(I actually considered doing that once, about ten years ago. Seemed pretty cool at the time.)

Quotes from Olentzero’s post:

Fine, fine. See how long that lasts. The OP wanted freedom for Q from our worthy agent U, and you’re suggesting Q shacks up with H instead.

Proves the point. Q can’t be left alone to look after itself.

Feh. Yeah, we’ll try to avoid stuff like ham radios and cell-phone experiments, or we might get a noogie. Feh.

“Hello, are you Mr Q?” “No, I’m Mr Q.” “Who, Q?” “No, Q”.
Let us know when you achieve this, misguided one, so The Vowel Fascists can play the recordings at our next dinner campfire. Should be better than Abbott and Costello.

The Vowel Fascists
Motto: “World domination is fun!”

originally posted by Ice Wolf

All right, I’ll call your bluff. It is now QX, the official name of The Q and X Association. No U as you can see.

To all: We will begin fighting the Vowel Fascists by eliminating the letter E, the most commonly used letter in the English language and coincidentally a vowel. If we loosen their stranglehold on that letter, they are sure to fall fast. I will go First.

As you can si, I hav stopt using that cursad lttr. In tha nd, facsists always looz.

originally postd by snoooopy[quot]The Great Xamboni, Warrior Princss.[/quot]
Don’t call mi princss. My chromosoms ar XY (X is usd a lot in that aria.)

Whan tha fascists start to ovaryus othar vowls, than wi will illiminait tham, uno by uno, or all at wons, whichavir is mor fun.

PS, As you can si, I can’t ivin quoat proparly without “tha lttr”, but it’s worth it to fight for th cozz of friidom. Tha fascists will di. I’m disapointad that my usarnaim contains “tha lttr”, but I must liv with tha ghosts of my past.

I’v iliminatad all tha cusrd lttrs in my signatur. I am complitly dadicatid to this cozz.

“Agent E, welcome back from your mission. What’s your report?”
“Well, the instigator of the QXA revolt (known to us in the Alphabet Bar and Grill as ‘Quacksa’, has just published some dissent comments.”
“Yes. And apart from the self-mention of the Quacksa, there are only three further references to either dissidents Q or X. Our plan for their continued isolation is still on course.”
“Excellent, Agent E. Carry on.”

The Vowel Fascists.
“World Domination: You Know It’s Right For You!”

I kinda figured you were a guy, but saying “Warrior Princess” was a lot funnier.

Attention Comrades in the Glorious Struggle:

It has come to my attention that the Vowel Fascists have infiltrated our organization by means of a double agent. Through careful observation, I have learned that Comrade Y has been posing as both a consonant and a vowel as serves its purposes. As such, Y’s loyalty must be questioned. Extreme caution is advised.

Remember: Y cannot be trusted!

In the interests of security and secrecy, once you have read this message, eat your monitor.

That is all.