The Quest for the Kinder Maxi Egg Continues (USA-Canada Candy Exchange)

Dear Canadians,
Despite noble efforts by Canadian Dopers, last year my mission to obtain a Kinder Maxi-Egg ended in defeat. I ask you again to take up my quest. Anyone who agrees to send me 1 (one) Kinder Maxi-Egg, plus 1 (one) package of Christie Maple Cookies will be sent any American candy/foodstuffs — of equal value – that they desire in return.

Who will join me?

I’ve got one sat at home right now. Whatcha go in MI that we don’t have in Texas. And I don’t think a carton of snow will suffice. :smiley:

Hmm… those Maxi-eggs should be coming out soon, as Easter approaches.

Are they the kinder eggs, about 4 or 5 inches tall? I think I saw them at Shopper’s Drug Mart a while ago. I’d have to go look again.

That’s right, they are the oddly big Kinder eggs. Suposedly, they have an oddly big toy inside (accent on the oddly part). Generally they come out twice a year at Christmas and Easter.

Ok I’ll check Shopper’s this afternoon and see if they have them.

<does dance of excitement>

What, oh what do the northerly drug shops of Canada hold in store for me?
(AKA, “bump”)

I’ve sent Kinder Eggs to our less fortunate neighbours in the U.S. about half a dozen times already, so my supply lines for Sharp Cheddar Easy Cheese are first rate. There doesn’t seem to be any problem sending them as gifts, though they aren’t sold in the U.S. (toys are a choking hazard?) I live a hour away from Vermont/New York and have a brother living in L.A. so I can’t think of anything I need in return, but send me an email if things don’t pan out.

Why is U.S. beer like making love in the bottom of a canoe?

silly English k-nig-hts…

Actually, there seems to be a law in the US that states that a non-food item cannot be completely enclosed in a food item. Also, the toys, with their millions of tiny chokable parts and miniscule stickers, wouldn’t fly too well down here.

Answer: both fucking close to water.

Do I win a bonus Kinder Maxi Egg? :))

I simply must start an underground organization to smuggle KinderEggs into the US. Every time I went down to visit friends in WA, I’d stock up. They are so good for bribes. Those and REAL Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

** Hello Again** , I’ll keep my eyes open. At Hexmas time they had soccer-ball-shaped KinderEggs. Would those also be acceptable?

…But I thought Nestle had come out with something similar, a sort of chocolate ball with a toy inside. I’ve never bought one though, so I don’t really know…
(wishes she had a KinderEgg)

Girlfriend, why don’t we plan a Windsor excursion sometime? Get you loaded up with a supply of kindereggs.

Hello Again: They don’t have them next door, but then their Easter stuff hasn’t arrived yet. I’ll check again in a week or so.

They have lots and lots of regular Kinder Eggs, but no Maxis. :frowning:

Ah I’ve sent out some of these too only to england and to fellow canucks. The larger grocery stores usually carry them for around $7.99 canuck. Great pressies. Hopefully easter will bring some out.

When I was in Germany, a bunch of us chipped in and bought a HUGE Kinder egg. Like a foot tall. It had a whole puzzle inside, which was a bit of a disappointment. I wanted some big complicated toy that would take DAYS to assemble, and be completely useless. Like regular Kinder eggs, but HUGE.

I’ve heard rumors that Kinder eggs are for sale at a local market here. Which is odd, because I always thought they weren’t sold here because of the chocking regs. (I dismiss the ‘enclosed entirely in food’ theory: evidenced by Cracker Jacks, toys in cereal boxes, et all.)

Now all we need are Knoppers and I’ll be happy.

Oooh oooh count me in. Maxi egg or a case of the regular ones… I’d rather send you the money but “stuff” is ok too.

I think the Nestle candy had a hollow chocolate ball with a several pieces of hard candy inside.

Wouldn’t you know it, yesterday evening I saw a whole pile of the Kinder Maxi-Eggs (5" diameter?) for 6$ in the 50% off Valentine’s Day candy section of my local drug store.

Could someone explain though, why 150g of chocolate costs 6$? What kind of toy is it, a sex toy? :smiley: