The Qu'ran. Is it the word of God?

As most of you may be aware, Muslims claim that the Noble Qu’ran is the direct word of God, as revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, via the angel Gabriel.

I’ve been reading up lately on the alleged ‘miraculous’ nature of the Qu’ran, and found the following article, which appears to show the Qu’ran accurately reporting the speed of light. Bear in mind, Muhammad claimed to have received these revelations in the 7th century AD, well before this type of knowledge was known.

The full article is here:

But I will paste the relevant section.

Mathematics is by far not one of my stong points, but this evidence appears quite compelling. Perhaps someone with a good understanding of maths and physics could evaluate it?

For the record, I am not a Muslim.

This “evidence” is not in the least bit compelling.

Psalm 90, verse 4:

In the Hebrew Bible, centuries before the Koran was written.

In other words, this “evidence” is typical of the lying crap that is foisted off onto us by fundies of any stripe.

And in any case, the Koran verse says “through the whole universe”. If this is the case, then the Koran says that “the whole universe” is a mere 1,000 light years across. This is an example of how the Koran utterly fails as a scientific document.

So, take it or leave it. It’s either the whole verse or none of it.

Does this mean that the Holy Spirit only travels at the speed of light?

I read that to mean that a day of Allah is like 1000 years to a human.

The Qu’ranic verse is talking about the speed of the “cosmic affair”, Dogface, and uses the lunar system of dating as the comparison, as was used by the Arabs of Muhammad’s time. The Biblical verse does not mention this.

Can we keep the arguements to the facts and figures, please.

Ok, if we wanted to, we could interpret the verse in a million ways. But let’s interpret it as such that “cosmic affair” means light, ok?

I was under whelmed by the link’s statement that

It says nothing of the Earth’s orbit, simply that of night/day sun/moon. If you assume the sun orbits the earth, then day/night are the result. It says nothing of the Earth’s rotation or of the relative position of the sun and moon in relation to their orbits around the Earth. Or that of the Earth around them

As for the jab at “modern science”, the idea of orbits was not new (see Ptolemy), nor were heliocentric ideas new. Aristarchus (310-230BC) had the idea 1000 years before Allah felt up to sharing.

Ok, for starters, can we please just keep to the “cosmic affair” verse?

Is there anyone here with sufficient knowledge in mathematics and physics to verify the author’s explanations?

Note: I have nothing of real value to add, but this is one of my silly pet peeves.

It’s Qur’an.

So it is.

Thank you, Kyla.

Which part of “It says nothing of the Earth’s rotation or of the relative position of the sun and moon in relation to their orbits around the Earth. Or that of the Earth around them” appears to you to not deal with the issue at hand?

The premise of the work is that the earth goes around the sun and the moon goes around the earth. Did you notice that these ideas are not actually written in the Qur’an? They are placed into context by the author’s knowledge.

Colour me unimpressed.

I see no need for mention of the earth’s, moon’s, and sun’s relative orbits to each other, if we assume ‘one thousand years of your reckoning’ means ‘one thousand years of the moon’s travel’. Seeing as the Muslims of the time used a lunar calendar, this interpretation has hardly been plucked from nowhere. Even if you dismiss this interpretation, if the maths hold solid, do you not find it interesting that it gives us the exact speed of light?

A religious book that’s not scientifically accurate? Horrors! :eek:

So, um, how scientifically accurate is the Bible, anyway? Last I heard the Christian fundamentalists were insisting the universe was only 6,000 years old…

can’t the question (is qur’an/bible the word of god?) be answered without even delving into specifics?

that is to say, isn’t ‘word of god’ oxymoronic?

doesn’t god transcend reason/language?

language is inherently imperfect and mutable, and god is supposed to be perfect and immutable.

There were also a bunch of nutcakes who went through the Bible, plucking a letter here and a phoneme there and claiming that the Bible predicted all kinds of amazing things. The whole thing was later debunked.

If you look hard enough in a large enough pile of bullshit, you’ll find the occasional diamond. That by itself proves nothing.

I’m sorry, God got the speed of light right but opted to make a mistake over the basic structure of the solar system? Do I understand you correctly?

Look, the premise is that the earth/moon system orbits the sun, but nowhere in the Qur’an verses mentioned does it say that the Earth moves. Now I’m not really up to fixing this zealot’s math right now, but I am willing to point out flaws.

Oh I should also point out that, assuming this whole Qur’an thing is right, the number of minutes in a day is growing and the moon orbit is expanding. Does this mean the speed of light is not a constant?

Ok, is anywhere here willing to verify the mathematics involved, using the interpretation of ‘one thousand years of your reckoning’ as meaning ‘one thousand years of the moon’s travel’?

anywhere = anyone.

Bunk and bunk