The Raccoons

Around 1991, there was a show on the Disney channel calledThe Raccoons The show had these three raccoons who were up against a pink Aardvark who wanted to destroy a forest. I saw an episode of it a few months ago and it was still pretty likeable. Does anybody else know about this show?

I do. In fact, I named my shark Cyril after the villain, Cyril Sneer (he’s real, but stuffed…he was floating in my friend’s pool, but he lives on my fireplace mantle now).

Anyway, I loved this cartoon, and watched it growing up. It started a lot earlier than 1991, though. I remember Bert was the main character, and always wore a hokey jersey, and that the little sheep dog was apparently an alien (hence the star charm on his collar and strange magic powers he would sometimes exhibit). I thought it was a great show, and I’m glad to hear that they’re still showing it. It’s been so long, that I don’t really have any particular singular images in my mind to recount, which is a shame, because I absolutely loved this cartoon. Can’t count the number of times I woke my parents up around 5:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning just to watch it. Really great show.

I’m sorry to disappoint you, El Elvis Rojo, but when I watched it months ago, it was on video. I do know that it’s still showing on some Canadian channel. There’s a petition to put it on DVD that I signed. I currently don’t know the web address for the petition, but I’ll look it up and post the address for anyone interested.

My god…all this time, I thought I was the only one who’d ever seen that show.

According to my meager research, it ran from 1985-1992.

And it had a great theme song, it did. Even if the “joined but seperate universes” bit was a little puzzling at times.

And Melissa Raccoon could wear the hell out of a pink halter top. :wink:


Cyril Sneer was an aardvark?
All the time I watched that programme when I was little I had no idea what those pink things were supposed to be.

Can anyone remember what the lyrics to the theme tune were?

I always though Cyril and the others were just sneers…you know, some made up animal, much like the Whopples or Gonzo. I don’t recall them ever being refered to as any specific animal, and I thought that was the point of them. I could be wrong. Quark, in the video you watched, did they specify what they were, or are you just guessing?

Run With Us - Lisa Lougheed

A fan website said they were aardvarks, and that’s what I was going on.

Wow, I thought only canucks with rabbit ears forced to tune in to the cbc watched that show.

Cool. :slight_smile:

I am one of those canucks to which you are referring :slight_smile:

The Raccoons was a great show and yes, the theme song was excellent. I’m surprised it was aired south of the border.

Nope. There were also Americans in the Detroit/Windsor area with rabbit ears forced to tune in to the CBC.

I always liked the one where Cedric and Bert are vying for the same spot on the baseball team and Cyril buys Cedric all this badass training equipment. I was more of a Sneer-backer anyway.

Looks like the petition worked:

I wish they would have started with the TV specials, since the one where Cyril is an alien planning to invade the Earth was always one of my favorites. Maybe they’ll get to those later, though.

It was aired in the UK, as well! In the late 80s as I recall.

We got it in South Africa as well! I used to love it back when I was a youngster.