The random wasting money poll: what would you spend $10 on?

That’s the entire point! Stop fighting the hypothetical! :slight_smile:

The stock. I could have fun following it without spazzing out over how much it rose or fell.

Since I have absolutely no interest in any of the other choices, I have to go with the stock. At least it might have some value in a year or two.


Lunch. McDonald’s would probably not be my first choice, but it’ll do.

If I HAD to drop a tenner on one of these, the arcade machine.

Can’t get anything good in most of the other options (and I’d never pay for sex, anyway), and the option to split between the lottery ticket and the arcade machines isn’t there ($3 lotto/$7 arcade would be my choice - or $4/$6, if the machines were the real expensive ones), I go with the option out of those two that has the most fun…and highest likely return on investment.

McDonald’s. I gotta eat every day so if I can do it for free one day, bully.

I went with the arcade games. I couldn’t eat $10 worth of MickeyD’s food at one sitting. Even if I were single, I wouldn’t be interested in any sex act that I could buy for $10. A truly random stock (as opposed to one picked at random from the Dow or S&P indexes) would probably be worth $0 a year from now, and I’d have to keep track of it anyway, which I wouldn’t. The very idea of playing the lottery bores me, and a psychic reading bores me even more. I’d take the drink if I were in the mood, but most of the time I’m not, including right now.

So that leaves the arcade games. Fortunately, I enjoy many arcade games.

So, you’re saying I can get a “blowie fuckie” for $10? Where is this magical land?

Probably food, but McDonalds? No way.

Went with the lotto tickets. Who knows, maybe it turns into $20 and you can afford to visit one of Siam Sam’s recommended bars.

What sexual act can you get for 10 bucks? I suppose I could afford to buy some lube for my own use, but I presume the OP is referring to hiring another individual?

And … I’m not in Deadwood Deadwood in 1870, am I?

Truth be told, I think it may still be possible to get a hand job for not much more than 10 bucks in a Bangkok HJ bar, but even then you have to buy at least one drink, plus one for the lady, so that’s not $10. The act itself would be more like $12. But if you can subsidize it to the tune of $10, I guess that would be a good deal.

Random stock. By which I mean yarn. Or ballet stuff. And it will probably be a lot more than $10.

“McDonalds food (yourself only)” is my answer to this and most of life’s questions.

Large pizza.

Wow. What a weird set of answers to this weird question. I guess, all else being equal, if I could get something satisfactorily intimate done for an oldish lady (not necessarily sexual) for $10, that wouldn’t piss off the husband, I’d pick that.

Otherwise, imma knock myself out with some chicken nuggets. Sweet and sour sauce, please.

I picked lotto tickets. I would have picked McDonald’s, but I don’t think I could find ten dollars worth of food to eat at once.

I chose psychic reading, cuz I’ve been wanting one lately. Does that include having my astrological chart done?

$10 worth of McDonald’s food would make me regret it real soon.
I’d say arcade game if there was such a place around here, not that $10 of tickets is going to get you much of a prize.
Lottery tickets might get you some money you can spend elsewhere and would cause no regrets, so that’s my choice.