The random wasting money poll: what would you spend $10 on?

If I saw a jerk on a goat I’d shout “Jerk! Off that goat!” but I could do that for free.

$10 glass of wine - and it had better be something specTACular!

(If I could spend it on anything frivolous, it’d be on really good black tea or a six of good hard cider)

The only thing I can imagine for a ten dollar “sex act” would be a country fair kissing booth.

And for ten bucks, it had better be an 18 year old corn-fed cheerleader, one deep-ass soul kiss, plus butt-grab.

I said McDonald’s food in the hope that it really meant any fast food - as there are numerous places I’d rather plunk down my 10 bucks. Still, Mickey D’s does have some mildly healthier options now, so assuming I wasn’t required to get a Big Mac or something, I wouldn’t be too upset.

None of the others really appeal to me - I don’t drink alcohol that often, lottery tickets are fun but useless, paying for sex act = ewww, arcade games = whybother etc.

I went for lotto tix. There’s something I say for occasions like that.

"Aw, what the hell, I’ve spent $10 on dumber shit!"

My personal choice would have been a movie ticket, which was not one of the options.

I agree with others on the sex act. If I’m not getting it for free, I don’t think I want a sex act that’s being sold for that little.

Alcohol, because I’m not interested in the rest of that list. I mean, sex, yes, but not $10 sex. That can’t be very good.

Jeez Drunky, tee it up why don’tcha…

Lotto. Fun and harmless.

Lottery. $10/shot booze isn’t very good, and the less said about $10 sex acts the better. Psychics and arcades hold no interest, and McD’s is something I’m trying to limit my consumption of. Hello, MegaMillions!