The random wasting money poll: what would you spend $10 on?

A somewhat weird question that came to mind a while ago. I thought I’d see what the Dope thought. Might not have thought out the options as well as I could have, so maybe there is a clear winner, but I’m curious.


Of the choices an arcade game would be the most enjoyable use. That’s because I’m not interested in any sex act that I could get for $10.

Yum! Jalapeno double burger at McD’s!

Didn’t vote; NOTA.

If I understand this right, that’s the point of the “had to” hypothetical.

Contrary to popular belief, you’re not going to get a sex act for $10 in Thailand. Those days are long gone. But the BJ bars are only about double that.

I’ve had psychic readings for fun and charity before, so probably that. They can be good for a few laughs.

Lottery tickets. Done it before and will likely do it again. Fortunately, at this stage of my life, $10 isn’t a huge deal.

Now, if ice cream had been an option, that would have beaten all other contenders, hands down! I lurves me some ice cream!

A very good whisky in a shot glass, to sip.

A strega and soda at that niiiiice restaurant on the island would hit the spot.

Probably a video game(s) or DVD(s).

Failing that, probably a sit down meal at a restaurant.

A truly appalling set of options. None of the Above for me.

A $10 sex act? :confused: What are you going to do? Jerk off a goat?

My vote, too. But, you’re going to get “decent” for $10. “Very good” would be a bit more.

McDonalds. I can’t remember the last time I had it - years and years ago - but I love junk food. Failing that, random stocks would be my second choice.

For $10 a prostitute might spit on your penis. But you still have to pay for gas to get to the red light district.

McDonalds sugar cookies.

I’m pretty sure a $10 sex act is paying to jerk someone else off.

I went with the lotto. I don’t care enough to follow a stock for $10 and in a year I’d probably forget I own it. Aat least with the lotto I could walk away with a dollar.

I’m a sucker for amusement park arcades and games so ------ pretty much no question.

They have those where you’re at! Those bastards keep taking it away from me here; they had it last year for a month or two, took it away, brought it back for another month or two, then took it away again. I goddam loved that thing! My favorite $2 burger. I was obsessed enough to figure out which McDonalds were more likely to do it correctly versus others.

Anyhow, I voted booze, but McDonald’s would probably be my second choice. I don’t even want to know what a $10 sex act will get you here in Chicago. You can probably find someone willing to do something for that price, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to touch that someone regardless what that something was. Plus, I’m pretty sure my wife would be against the idea.