The Rants Came Marching One By One (March minirants)

Hurrah, hurrah!

March forth with your March rants!

Here’s a micro rant.

After weeks of procrastination, the last thing I did at work yesterday was to go online and renew my AAA membership. I got home and on the answering machine was a message “Hi, this is the AAA. We see that you haven’t renewed. Would you like to do so for a steeply discounted price?”

Phone them up and see if they’ll give you the discount anyway. Couldn’t hurt.

I was washing towels today and while transferring the towels to the clothes dryer, I dropped one on the floor and it got dirty and I had to re-wash it. :frowning: Oh well.

Very mini rant - it snowed more last night and is supposed to snow more tonight. On the upside, I’m getting used to it. Even more upside, we may be able to leave by Tuesday.

Sore throat. No drippy sinus yet but I have kicked in my routine of neti pot, nasonex, mucinex and lots of liquids - got a lovely chicken soup in the making right now, large chunks of dark and light meat chicken, baby carrots, baby potatoes, chunks of celery, pearled onions and broth with garlic and herbs. Thinking of whipping off a batch of bread to go with it.

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired - have lost count of the number of playdates, birthday parties, bookclubs, nights out and now dinner with the future in-laws I’ve had to cancel at the last moment, thanks to the toddler & I having had constant colds and fevers since January now :frowning:

Went to go shooting with a former co-worker I haven’t seen in close to 3 years.

I get a flat on the way there. Fucking tire had a locking nut on it. One that was too big for the tire wrench and I couldn’t get it off. :smack: Then my battery went dead waiting for a tow truck.

I get there 10 minutes late. He isn’t there. But there are 25-30 people waiting in line. :eek: So I hang around for about 5 minutes and decide to call it a day so I can take the tire (which is still under warranty) back to the shop to get it fixed.

Tire has no visible damage on the outside. Apparently it is completely shot on the inside, and they replace it.

Get home and find my co-worker had a tire blow out on his way to the range and didn’t get there until about 20 minutes after I left.

Washed the garage floor this afternoon. In the process of doing this, I managed to soak the box of the 109-pound shelving unit that I was planning to assemble when the weather warms up a bit. I had to stop everything and make room on another shelf for all the components, then I had to wrestle the mostly soggy cardboard into the recycling stack. I’m hurting right now.

Great minds have problems alike?

And a pox or six to the idiot car makers that no longer include spairs of any sort: sons car hit a pothole (gee, they are rare in New England…:smack:), and it took the tire guys 6 days to get the replacement.

** adds “washing garage floor” to list of “shit I didn’t know people did” **
ETA: for EmilyG … What, no 5-second rule? :slight_smile:

Once again, I need to do my annual ranting against Toyota for making it impossible for me to lock my car while it’s running. You know, Toyota, sometimes when you live in Western Canada, the temperature is -26ºC (-15ºF), and you’d like to start your car up and let it run for a few minutes before you get in so the -26º seats don’t leach all the heat out of your body. When you want to do that, it would be nice to be able to lock the doors so some fool can’t come along and just drive away with your vehicle.

I understand that they intend this to be a safety device, so you can’t lock yourself out while your car is running, but how about making it possible to lock it with your fob, which is obviously in your hand if you’re using it to lock the doors? Non-cold-weather-understanding jerks. :mad:

Oh, I forgot my other rant - we were stopped in a left turn lane today, waiting for a red light. The lane to our right was a straight-through lane, which had a green light. A young lady who was busy texting came to a stop for the green light, and sat there and texted through the rest of the green light and through the entire red light. This is normally a very busy, fast road; any other day, she would have an extremely good chance of getting rear-ended for stopping for a green light because she wasn’t paying attention. She was lucky it was Saturday today (we probably were, too - a collision like that might have pushed cars into us, too).

In closing, everyone who texts and talks on the phone while driving needs a big dose of instant karma to straighten them out.

To those who kindly told me that dogs roll in garbage because that’s what dogs do…thank you. Buttercup came to us so well trained that I always worry that I’ve mishandled her when she does something odd.

She does love being bathed, but I think that’s because she loves being touched and cooed at.

I am in total agreement about the bitch slap that distracted drivers need. I used to watch out for that distinctive profile of someone holding their phone to their ear…now I avoid people who have both hands over the steering wheel. To me, that means they are holding their cell up so they can text.

Drove past Burnsville Center and surrounding shopping area today to get to the range. Had gone down there last weekend too.

Both times, some woman in a van driving 15-20mph in the center lane (road is 3 lanes wide, 45 zone) because she’s fucking texting while driving. :smack:

In Minnesota, that’s a $135 fine. Would have been nice if there had been a cop around to see it. Traffic has enough issues through that area as it is.

It’s March already?

It’s March already!

OK, if it’s March already, why is my sleep schedule all out of whack? Will hitting myself over the head help?

You’re just pre-gaming (there’s a word I haven’t used in a loonnnnnnng time) for the upcoming time change?

One of the late Mr. Shoe’s friends from work friended me on FB the other day. She then started going through my history and Liking some random old posts … including the one from last January when I breathlessly announced that he was coming home from the hospital. (Wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then … ) She LIKED THAT POST. This is a giant WTF for me, and I can’t for the life of me remember if she was at the memorial service or not. So many of his friends from work showed up :slight_smile: plus I heard there is (or at least was) a photo of him hanging in the break room. So, she must know, right?

She’s always been kinda socially clueless, so just because of that I’m trying to chalk it up to immature kid FB usage, but I’m still second-guessing if I have to have an Awkward Conversation TM with her. (“Uh, thanks for liking that post, but he died a few months later yanno…”)


A event like this can be occur in the age of the cell phone? :confused:

What? Not even a donut?


Like I say, I haven’t seen him in 3 years. We connected over Facebook. He’d been ‘checking in’ from the place and I said ‘hey, you going this weekend?’ We did not exchange phone numbers.