"The Real Cancun" advertising campaign

This is the most despicable piece of advertising tripe to come out of the pipe since…let’s see…ever.

  1. The title. In the real Real Cancun, there are most definitely elements of poverty, hardship, police forces, and though you wouldn’t ever know it by the film, fat and ugly people. If I were a betting man, I’d lay down a 50 spot in a heartbeat saying that none of these, or anything like these, are portrayed in the film.

  2. A major element of the TV spots is the question of how far these coeds can corrupt a “good guy” through a weekend of drunken debauchery. Personally, though drinking in moderation is completely fine with me, the kind of behavior espoused within these spots is completely degenerate. It is now a fun and intriguing plotline, apparently, to see how far one can push someone else away from his tightly held personal ethics. Absolutely dispicable.

  3. The voiceover at the end of this particular spot says “Rated ‘R’ for sexuality, nudity, strong language, and partying.” What the hell? Rated “R” for partying? I’ve had parties. They’re great fun. They look nothing like The Real Cancun. Obviously, the kind of partying referenced is the “get drunk, hook uip with strangers, wake up the next morning with no idea what you did last night” variety. This has now crossed the line between a warning of content to an advertisement of content. I suppose it cant be that long until we see “Rated ‘R’ for kickass explosions, dead ungodly heathen carcasses flying everywhere, 223 pointless murders with the newest alien weaponry, hot lesbian action for your viewing pleasure, and explicit instructions on how to run cocaine without getting caught.”

Yo, MTV. You made Better Luck Tomorrow, a decent flick. Obviously, you can do better than this crap.


MTV didn’t make BLT, they picked it up for distribution (obviously by the guy who picked up Beavis and Butthead and Sifl and Olly, their only good guy).
Aint it cool news is currently bashing the film, and a film must suck bad if Harry is tearing it apart. (and apariantly there is little nudity in it, which would be the only reason to see it in the first place)

I’ve been to Cancun on Spring Break, the movie looks pretty close to it. That’s what college kids do before they have to grow up and get jobs and stuff. No biggie.

I’ve gone to LOTS of parties where we definately should have had a R rating…
Hey it’s midnight, Like a Prayer gets played and clothing comes off.

I think the title is meant to obviously refer to MTV’s “reality” series “The Real World”. (For those who’ve managed to avoid it, MTV auditions a bunch of young folks to live in a house in one of a number of cities, and films them going about their lives.) Same idea, except instead of making them all live together for a while, MTV sent them on spring break to Cancun.

Yep. Produced by Bunim/Murray, the same company behind the TV show.

And as if this weren’t bad enough, there’s going to be another spring-break “reality film” in a month or two called The Quest.

And this is why TiVo rules - I don’t watch CRAP I don’t like.


They also have a web campaign consisting of banner ads of girls in skimpy bikinis. I particularly like this one: http://ads.ign.com/advertisers/newline/160x600_cancun_A_25k.jpg

The movie looks incredibly stupid, but the advertising is pretty good for the target demographic.

So what do you think the response would be to a TV show about getting a nice *girl all liquored up for the purpose of completely debauching her against her ethics and judgment?

I’d hate that show too, matt_mcl.

Hell, all throughout college I never went to such a “party”. (Still haven’t, for that matter.) I was too poor to leave town on spring break, though. :slight_smile:

It’s a comedy. They’ve been getting sexy and challenging existing morality since Aristophanes. Unlax, people.

I will say that I think the movie looks pretty lame, and I don’t plan to see it, but all of my friends and I did laugh pretty hard at the point in the trailer where it said “And the cameras weren’t the only things that were rolling.” Cut to two girls who are obviously muy fucked up talking about something inane.

Comedy gold, I tell ya!


Neidhart, that’s the thing.

I and my pal at work were discussing this the other day. We’re pretty much sickened by it - but not because of the alcohol or girls or partying or any of that stuff. That’s all great.

What gets us is these fucking rich-ass college kids who not only have all of daddy’s wallet to play with but somehow don’t even have to worry about their Goddamn schoolwork during spring break.

These fucking vacuous drains on society have no responsibilities and all the money in the world, and it really pisses off us folks who’ve had to work for a living all our lives and take care of responsibilities.

Hell, my wife is about to graduate college and she’s never been able to enjoy spring break because she had too much school work assigned for that time.

How do these fucking rich kids do it?

Assholes. :mad:


When GWB was in school, what did he do during his spring break?

Too fucking right, Gorgon Heap. If I want to see overprivileged idiots indulge themselves, I’m sure I can see it on some cable channel I’ve already paid for. For example, I’m sure MTV will be showing Spring Break bullshit for another six months.

Well said, carrot.

Of course, part of what’s implicit in matt’s post is that a movie about spending a week pressuring a young co-ed into debauchery would never make it past the producer’s lawyer, however much the producer may like that pitch. So MTV instead teases us with a “respectable” version of Girls Gone Wild, where the co-eds are already the degenerate ones. I wonder if the creators strategically include a subplot where one of the girls comes to the realization that she is going too far, and becomes the Lone Voice Of Reason, reflecting on the plane home as to how there must be more to life.

I’m another one who never got to do the Spring Breaking thing, but had I been able to, even as a callow youth I’d have thought twice of going to a foreign jurisdiction to make a noxious ass of myself. Once I worked for a “Travel-Assistance” company, and every now and then we’d encounter one of these kids had come up-close-and-personal with The Real Reality. I remember the two dudes who drove their rented JetSkis out of the harbor against rules, sailed the high seas, and wrecked on a rock seven miles downcoast. Fun.

It’s not only rich kids that get to go on spring break. Colleges have group trips to go places on break for a minimal cost. Granted, they’re supervised and not nearly as fun as real spring break, but whatever. I know plenty of friends that had a world-class spring break in Florida/Cancun because they live there, saved money all year for plane tickets/hotel rooms, or drove down. A lot of said friends did their schoolwork during the slower parts of the day, or came home a day early and tried to cram it all into one study session. It worked, YMMV.

Despite the popularity of reality TV, i’m not really sure the American public is ready to fork over serious cash to see crap like this. It’s one thing if you happen to be channel surfing and stumble on The Bachelor or Survivor or Joe Millionaire; but it’s another to get in the car, go to the cinema, fork out $7 (or more) for a ticket and another $6 for bad popcorn and soda, just to watch a bunch of under-dressed children drink themselves into a stupor.

I’ve been wrong about this sort of thing before, though, and it could be that the movie-going public will eat it up. Still, i hope this “film” sinks like a stone.