The recent iPod commercial song. Who sings it?

I think it’s relatively new. I might have seen the actual video on MTV and it was an animation. Something dark about some thin misfit kid and his friends, maybe… I can’t remember. I want to say it’s Black Eyed Peas but I’m not entirely sure.

Anybody know it?

Is it one of these?

I know both Daft Punk and The Gorillaz did ads recently.

I think you are thinking of The Gorillaz’s “Feel Good Inc.” which is in one of the new Ipod commercials where the people in the commercial are skating around. Here is a link where you can watch the music video- which is animated.

You say the video was animated? That’s The Gorrliaz, and the song is “Feel Good Inc.”

You say the video featured a boat and a painted woman, with some dudes in mod suits?
The song is “Rio,” and the band singing it is Duran Duran.

That’s definitely the Gorillaz, and their current single is “Feel Good Inc.” The band is the project of Blur frontman Damon Albarn and artist Jamie Hewlett, and the four members of the band are completely original animated characters with no real-life stand-ins (although Albarn sings and performs much of the music).

Thanks all.

That’s totally the one. Gorillaz!

Though Rio by Duran Duran was my very close second guess. :slight_smile: