The Redskins cut Stephen Davis...

From the Washington Post…

All I can say is that Steve Spurrier better damn well get to the playoffs next year.

Here’s hoping he doesn’t go to the Giants or Dallas or something.


Here’s hoping he moves to Tampa.

Well, as I said in the complain about your favorite sports team thread (I must be going senile, I can’t remember where it was and internet connection is too slow to search or anything like that):
The Skins. 'Nuff said.

The Skins are on my double super secret probation. I am thisclose to giving up on them. I knew it was coming. I knew it had to happen. That damned Dan Snyder. Between this and the Daryl Gardener debacle. I could be rooting for the Houston Texans. God knows, there’s plenty of former Redskin’s personnel in their front office. It might as well be the Skins.

Does Tampa have the cap room? If he signs with the Bucs, they better make early reservations to wherever the Super Bowl will be held in 2004.

Well, we knew it was coming, but it still doesn’t make it any easier.

For the past few seasons, we’ve had exactly one blue-chipper on offense, and Davis has been that man. Unfortunately, the Redskins have mostly had coaches that wanted to pass and razzle-dazzle (Spurrier, Norv), rather than coaches that wanted to play something resembling NFC East football (Marty).

And The Danny has had the hots for Spurrier for awhile, so the Redskins are going to live or die with Spurrier’s system, over the next few years at least.

All I can do is hope it will come together for Spurrier, who really didn’t do too badly last year, considering he was still just learning the NFL. But it still hurts to see Davis go.

The Hamburglar has stolen all of the H’s, S’s, and L’s from this post!

Um, for the Record Norv runs a whole hell of a lot.He in 14 years as an Offensive Co or coach he has had a 1200 yard rusher 8 year he had two 800 yard rushers.

Norv Loves the run because it allows him to throw the ball.

He is not a run focused Coach like Marty but still knew he had a rb stud in Davis.

My favorite redskins fact is that the super bowl QBs this past January were both cut from the redskins at some point and time :slight_smile:

Damn it. Just when my season tickets finally come in… On the bright side, he has been fading the past few seasons. Ladell Betts and Kenny Watson looked pretty good last year too.

So the Redskins have what to put in the backfield as some sort of competent blocker/runner/pass catcher (to say nothing of preventing defenses from putting 8 people in the defensive backfield, which would make for some pretty difficult passing routes and lanes)? The Fastest Receivers in the World can’t do Jack Shit if the Quarterback is throwing passes from his back, and I don’t recall Sonny, Sam and Frank lauding the O Line we had last year…

Well, I think it’s a good move. The Redskins should be able to play the free agent/draft market more freely and Davis gets to go to a team that appreciates him. But, given the Redskins’ bad luck/lack of skill in personnel acquisitions, I’ll bet that Davis and the team he goes to get the better deal.

Well, Davis has been a great workhorse, but with his contract situation we all knew this was gonna happen. I appreciate his play for the team, but I’m not crying in my beer or anything either.

Hope I don’t live to regret those words…

Heh heh heh. This little blurb was at the bottom of a general updates on Bucs free agents in today’s St. Petersburg Times:

Underscoring is mine.

They should pick up Stacey Mack. He’d be a great addition.

Just inserting the obligatory “Brad Johnson could still be your QB, but Snyder picked Jeff George instead” quote into a Reskins bashing thread.

Minor nitpick: Brad Johnson wasn’t cut by the Skins. He had the unfortunate good sense to get the hell out of there when he was a free agent.

Bah… its not like they run the ball anyway.

(Of course, I’m not so sure that means they give up the only offensive player on the team worth a damn.)

Oh well, I’m going through my own cut player fits. (Goodbye Hitman Harrison, we hardly knew ye.)

He may have known it, but he had an unfortunate tendency to forget it for long periods of time during games, especially during the 2000 season.

When he panicked he threw the ball. That’s all there was to it.

Speaking of panic, now the Redskins have taken Rob Johnson off of the Bucs hands. Talk about your addition by subtraction. Of course Mr. “Happy Feet” Johnson never throws the ball in panic. He just gets sacked instead. A lot. In the MNF game against Pittsburgh last year it seemed he was sacked at least once per series of downs he was on the field. I think that he may have had the most sacks of any QB last year (hyperbole) but only started two games. What a maroon.

Enjoy, Skins fans!

He should enjoy the skins, then.

That one game where Ramsay got sacked like 5 times was harsh.

I swear I could see the little birdies circling his head.