The reign of King Charles III of the United Kingdom

The Queen is dead long live the King.

May it be a glorious reign.

A thread for the events of his reign

Yeah…but I think you mean George VII

The new Prime Minister just styled him as King Charles III, and it was announced that would be his regnant name at least an hour ago on MSNBC. I think @AK84 has it right.

I can usually rely on Wikipedia for up-to-date information and its article on Charles says the final name hasn’t been chosen.

And Camilla is confirmed as Queen Consort by the royal family.

And explains why using Charles III might be a bad look. Charles I was beheaded, and Charles II wasn’t well-behaved. Also, Charles III is what some supporters called Bonnie Prince Charlie. I assume that taking that name might therefore (further) piss off the Scots.

Wikipedia says there was talk in the early 2000s that he might use George VII.

May the memory of Queen Elizabeth II be a blessing to all who knew her.

IMHO Charles III’s greatest accomplishment will be to die early and pass on the kingdom to his son.

Okay, I’m confused. All his life, he’s been “Charles.” Why the heck wouldn’t Prince Charles become King Charles?

Monarchs are allowed to choose a “regnal” name, which may or may not be the name they were given at birth.

Historically, it has not been uncommon for British kings to choose other names for their “regnal” names. Elizabeth’s father, who was styled King George VI, was named Albert (though George was one of his middle names).

BBC Radio has just confirmed that it will be King Charles III.

It is somewhat like how popes choose new names on pontification (I hope that is the right word)

Kings get to choose regnal names.

His name is Charles Philip Arthur George. He may choose any of those names as his regnal name.

I’m hoping he’ll choose Arthur.

It’s been confirmed it’s King Charles III.
Also King George VI was Prince Albert before he became King.

Oh, that will piss off a segment of the Scots who are still pro Bonnie Prince Charlie. :::shrug::: Somebody is always unhappy.

Do his friends and family still call him Albert in that situation, or to they shift to “George?”

Considering the longevity of his parents, it seems like abdication is the more likely route to a short (less than 2 decade) reign.

So the name choice was pretty much in the can?

Good lord, he’s had seventy years to ponder what he’ll be called as king, he might have decided this decades ago.

I believe it was ‘Bertie’.

What are the odds now that the monarchy is eliminated altogether after the next general election, when I assume the Tories will finally lose their majority? The queen was such an endurance athlete, it would’ve been churlish to shut down the race before she finished. But I don’t get the sense that His Majesty is anywhere near as popular as his mother (or his ex) and people might be less upset promoting the royal family to ordinary citizens (even if they keep their titles and land like some other Euro-aristocrats).