The Remote Flippo-Meter

Nothing, but nothing, gets me to hit the “up” button on my remote faster than seeing Jane Seymour crying.

A close second, video shot from a car window with the date and time stamp in the upper right hand corner.

So what gets your trigger-finger itchy?

I’ll usually switch the channel by reflex if I see:
[li]The CBS logo (unless Letterman or Everybody Loves Raymond is on)[/li][li]Marina Kanakarides (sp?)[/li][li]Barbara Walters, Stone Philips, Jane Pauley, or Andy #*@$ing Rooney[/li][li]Jay Leno[/li][/ul]
Also the stuff on Biggirl’s list. Please note that I’d have added “Touched by an Angel”, but that’s included in the whole CBS thing.

With 72 cable channels, there is far too much potential to find things that annoy me. My list would fill 2 screens. There are some particularly obnoxious commercials that send me diving for the remote.
My local news will do the same thing.

I want to know this:

Why is it that whenever I’m watching something and a commercial comes on, I start to flip and sure as the sun comes up every other channel has a stupid commercial on at the same time?

Wrestling. Any wrestling. ALL wrestling.

I will second that motion.

The list of what doesn’t cause me to drive on is shorter than what does, but here’s a brief synopsis of things I usually assume I can live without:

Sports (except figure-skating)
Talk shows
Game shows
Live-action children’s shows (but not cartoons)

Another vote for wrestling.

Regis Philbin.

Dr. Laura
Kathie Lee Gifford
Martha Stewart
Barbara Walters
Pro Wrestling
Rosie O’Donnell

Actually, my list is way too numerous to keep on going.

Mine would be a pretty long list too, but I’ll go with:

Any Verizon commercial
Those stupid “Let’s talk about it talk about it talk about it ooooh oooooh” cell phone (?) ads
Ads for music compilations (KIDSONGS!!! On 5 CD’S! Stupid commercial runs for what seems like 10 freaking minutes!)
That dumb commercial where the moron is driving in the rain by the shore, sets a turtle free and steel drums start to play.
ANY car show - Motorweek, whatever.
Shiver - just thinking about them gives me the willies.

I always click off when they try to tell me the punch line I’m about to see when the show starts.


what makes anya marie grab the remote?

football, golf,
Rosie, kathie Lee, ted koppel, bill cosby, emeril, Iron Chef, howard stern, jenny jones,
the View, Dateline, any newsmagazine tv program !
FRIENDS, brady bunch, Barney, Felicity, boy meets world, TRL, blind date,
Leeza Gibons (sp? ask me if i give a fuck)
Lifetime Channel, Oxygen, Classic Sports network,
CSPAN & CSPAN 2 and the disney channel.