The Republican Party is the Party of Evil

What a disgusting human being.

What a disgusting group of Christians.

So he’s picking on her name. “Fanny”, not her preferred Fah ni. Because he’s a stupid fool who doesn’t understand how vowels work.

Rudy Ghouliani indeed.

Huh, I had assumed that it was pronounced “Fanny”, too. But then, I get most of my news from textual sources, so I’d never heard it pronounced. I doubt Giuliani reads much.

Oh sure, until I heard it on the news, reading it I assumed Fanny as well. But once I was told how she pronounces it, I didn’t argue with her version. It’s a perfectly cromulent pronunciation of that spelling.

I am pretty damn certain he has heard how her name is pronounced both second hand and first hand. He is just being a sexist asshole, period.


‘If only I could remember exactly which group of people it is that routinely has their names made fun of…’

More sexism and anti-abortion bullshit. Among other things, two Texan professors want to be able to fail students who take time off to get an abortion. Insufferable assholes.

It’s well-known that there’s a class of people who act as trolls and emotional magpies, soaking up rage and indignation like a sponge for their own gratification. Laura Loomer is one of them, of course, and from the bottom of my heart I would ask her
to drink a nice hot cup of go fuck yourself?

Loomer is properly whackadoodle. What does she actually get paid to do? And why?

Is the guy in that photo wearing a Trump wig?

Thanks. That’s what I thought.

I really, really hope that the word trump becomes synonamous with ‘loser’. We should start a movement.

Your best friend makes a stupid mistake “Wow buddy, you really Trumped that up.”

Your favorite sports team loses a game “the Celtics Trumped last night. Oh well you can’t Biden them all.”

I can support this.

Yes its pretty clear that he’s wearing a blond wig as part of an overall Trump costume. The problem is I can’t tell if its a anti-Trump person mocking Trump or a pro-Trump person trying an inept act of cosplay.

I think pro-Trump cosplay, like Cruella de Vil next to him.

I’m sure some keep on wearing the Trump costume later in the evening.

Loomer has no sense of irony or self-awareness about the fact that Trump has literally cheated on every wife he ever had.

Isn’t it already a Scottish slang word for ‘fart’?

If it’s not, they should start one immediately.

There’s also a Z-list supervillain called The Trump. Thankfully he never made it to the big screen.

Yes, I have too much useless information in my head.